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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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It. Sucked. Donkey. Balls. I actually suffered through most of it instead of enjoying it. Why? Because I could care less about Lindsay and Mel's problem. They haven't made me care about those characters. The Hunter being straight thing... What's the big deal? Michael was raised by a straight mother. Why does he think they won't be able to understand Hunter? Btw, is that HIV positive straight parents he wants for Hunter? Piece of cake. Emmett... well, I feel for him but he knew this would probably happen. Could that charity guy have possibly been more of a stereotype? Ugh... Deb and Horvach. :| Whatever. She looked pretty in red though. And where the hell are Brian and Justin? Oh, they're the moving men. ;)

Thank God for the scenes with Gale.

I've realised I'm more of a Brian, Justin, B/J fan than a QaF fan.

Btw, did I see B/J fucking on the previews? Yay! At least they gave me something to look forward to next week.

I'm off to work now. :|


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