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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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OMG I'm just now finding out about all the turmoil over there... I must say it's more engrossing than any movie or book I have seen or read this year so far. I have to thank the people who made me start questioning the whole thing, namely Moonie, adamswildhoney and Cat... otherwise I would have been one of the many banging their heads against the wall for being so gullible.


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I'm glad I was able to help you see the light. ;)

I've been following the one thread... and Joel's silence against the things I've said speak VOLUMES.

There are a few people there I want to throttle... namely that one snottly chick who thinks we're all beating a dead horse. what the fuck ever. She has no idea. yeah, it's a site for U2 fans. Yeah, it's a place to go if you wanna talk to your friends. But, you shouldn't have to pay money for that. It should be free. Hell, I do talk to my friends for free. It's all about the principle, the integrity, and the honesty of it all. And if that snotty bitch can't see it, well, like I said, "if you don't like all the dead horses lying around here, you can go plant daisys in a thread somewhere else."

Nobody responded to that. bummer. It's 'cause I hang out in PLEBA, no doubt. huh.

Yes, I read most of the thread yesterday, you brought up some important points.

Really, what was up with that girl? I was like 'well, if you think this is all so useless, then don't read it and don't post in the feckin' thread!'

I guess we'll have to sit down if we're waiting for some sort of lengthy or reasonable explanation from Joel.

did you see the most recent question posted by Angie (Angela Harlem)? She posted something very glaringly obvious and of course, Joel hasn't responded.

I saw something today that almost made me spit my hot chocolate out... someone posted about how Joel doesn't have any time to read our posts/respond to them, and yet when the fake Edge guy posted, Joel was all over it like a fly on shit. Made me think he was talking to himself, really. Then, in one of the posts, Joel asks, "where are you in cali?" And I'm thinking to myself, what the fuck? NO ONE I know refers to California as 'cali'. We say "So Cal" when we're in Southern California. Then... the guy responds, "Sacremento." And i'm like, WHAT THE FUCK?! Anyone who LIVES in that city should know how to SPELL it! Holy shit! SACR-A-MENTO!

Jesus. So, of course I brought that up.

No, I haven't checked back on the thread since a couple of days ago... will have to do that ASAP.

LOL... I would have never noticed that, but you live in California so I guess that's more obvious to you.

Ok, well, I'll comment again once I've read the new posts. :)

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