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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Try to understand, I make mistakes, I'm just a maaaaaaaan
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I loaned someone my season 1 dvds. That stresses me out so much, omg. *bites fingernails* But I think she's getting hooked, so that's good.

Haven't updated much lately. It's just that my life is SO exciting I can hardly find the time < / bullshit> Ugh, I just don't know what to post anymore. Fucking routine.

Hey, does anyone know if there's a B/J vid out there to Bon Jovi's "Always". Cheesy as hell, I know... but I kind of want to see it.
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Honey, you could post about clipping your toe-nails and I'd still read it!

You are so sweet! *smooches*

So, I was clipping my toe nails last night and... just kidding. ;)

And then post pictures of your pedicure! :oD


You do not want to see my feet, trust me!


Pfft! I posted a picture of my bloated dwarf toes and I hadn't even had a pedicure, and I'm sure your toes are much cuter than mine!

I have chipped enamel on, from probably three months ago. So sexy. ;)

Oh, I've wanted to ask you for you have just the song for 20000 Seconds?

I have it! Will reply with a link tomorrow.


*crosses fingers for getting your dvds back in a perfect state* Yay for converting people, though.

Haven't seen an 'Always' vid. You could make it. :D

You could make it. :D

LOL, my vid-making muse = dead. Besides, I don't think I could listen to JBJ's voice as many times as is necessary to make a vid. I can only take small doses of Bon Jovi. Hee.

What Vesy said... :x

See my reply to Vesy here.

Love ya. And God I still love that icon. *drools*

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