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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Plot bunnies
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# 1 (in part thanks to citizenjess) - Brian gets really drunk and calls Craig Taylor after learning what he did to Justin at the protest in front of his store. During the course of the argument conversation, Brian lets it slip that he loves Justin. Craig has the nerve to call Justin to complain about Brian's call and relates everything Brian said, including the little L word. Or something like that.

# 2 - Craig Taylor has a son from his 2nd marriage who turns out to be *GASP* gay. The guy is a little devil. He learns about Justin through Molly (Justin wasn't exactly a conversation subject in Craig's house) and runs away in search of his long lost gay brother, in order to have Justin show him the ropes of being a big queer.

So, yeah. A bit of a theme there. Any takers?

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Oh, man, those are excellent! :D :D I don't know if I can write either one of them, but someone damn well better!!

:) I just think there was a lot left unsaid regarding Craig and Justin's relationship. And Brian vs. Craig, c'mon! It's begging to be written!

The 2nd one is just to torture Craig, lol.

but someone damn well better!!

I doubt it will happen, but still... *prays*

Brian vs. Craig is clearly the best idea in the history of time! :D :D Hence your extreme genius!

i like those! i also like the tag. hee.

I hope someone gets inspired. Any plot bunny communities out there that you know of?

i also like the tag. hee.

Yeah... *is evil*

adoptabunny. but i don't think there are too many qaf fans there.

Thanks! Don't think I'd dare post those on a non QaF comm, though.

it's actually a multi-fandom community. but since it was started by sv!fangirls, it hasn't gotten much press outside of sv!fandom, and sga, since one of the girls who started adoptabunny is in that fandom now. i don't know the current maintainer, so i don't know how much pimping s/he does.

If there is Brian singing drunken karaoke in either one of those, I will be on it like Oprah on baked ham.

Oh, man, I love both of those ideas. Especially the second one. And your addition of drunken-karaoke!Brian. Your metaphor is better, but I would be GIDDY.

Oh, man, I love both of those ideas.

*is hopeful*

Well, you can throw in the karaoke if you write it... ;)


Someone must write them both!!! *hopes*

*hopes with you*

Brian vs. Craig - Rumble in the Pitts. Hee!

(Deleted comment)
if handled right...

Which is precisely why I'm not writing them. ;) But you feel free to! *nudges*

I really like the first one. I hope you get takers for both of them!

I will tentatively offer to write the first one. However, I'm not sure I could do the idea any justice =S

Also, just fill me in on after learning what he did to Justin at the protest in front of his store. 'Cos I haven't watched all the seasons. I'd need to know what happened, and possibly what episode it was.

I'm willing to try if nothing else, even if it turns out horrible.

Awesome! :)

I could upload a clip from that scene. Not tonight, but probably tomorrow. Would that work for you?

Aw, thanks! Any attempt will be appreciated.

I could upload a clip from that scene. Not tonight, but probably tomorrow. Would that work for you?

That would be brilliant =D

Ok... I took all the clips of relevance from 508 and combined them. Here's the link:

Hope this helps. Excuse the delay!

Thank you ever so much!! That'll help loads! I can't promise the story immediately. School is most unfortunate in taking up most of my time, but I managed to write out some stuff because English was pretty boring today =D

*stumbles in over paddies journal*

Oh my god I *SO* hope someone will use the first idea!

And btw: I just love your layout! Left me breatless for a second!
(Is that an official pic or a screencap, if I might ask?)

*hopes with you*

Thanks! Isn't he gorgeous? It's an official pic. I could e-mail it to you if you want.

oh wow, yes please :D I'd be thankful forever ^^

i don't usually write OMC, and i'd have to fuck with the timeline...because otherwise justin's either 35 or the kid is 6 but i'm thinking i'm gonnna give the second one a try.

i could not.... which, after some of my attempts at plot bunnies might make others happy, but i do have that kind of time...

so this has to be one of those... married her, been fucking her waaaay longer than anyone knew, kind of wives so that justin can be 29 tops, and the kid can be... i don't know... 16 or so...


I hope you decide to give it a try. And feel free to take it wherever you want, if you do. :D


S.U.N = Shutting Up Now, and i need to stop using it as only my flist know what the fuck i mean...and actually it's only a small percentage of them.

okay, so what i'm tyring to work out is who exactly this OMC is to justin, and the logistics.

it may not take place in the EDR universe becaues the boys are leaving for Europe on April um...

i dont' know, i guess it could happen a year from now...i'm a freak, ignore me and my odd obsession with my own version of the QAF 'verse.

i'm a freak, ignore me and my odd obsession with my own version of the QAF 'verse.

LOL. Nah, you're fun.

(Deleted comment)
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