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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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*hates the scary e-mails*
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You know, the ones where you're looking at a pic and a scary face pops up and screams? The last one I received had a bunch of cute babies and you had to click on a certain spot to move to the next pic and suddenly there was Linda Blair in all her unholy glory. That's seriously not funny. Please make it stop.

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I haven't had that in e-mails (until today) but someone on my FList posted a site where you had to maneuver your mouse through a series of mazes without touching the walls. [Un]naturally, that Linda Blair Exorcist face with piercing scream popped up and scared the absolute bejesuz out of me. Stupidly I thought I'd try the mazes again and it still fucking scared the bejesuz out of me *shakes head* I didn't have the nerves to keep re-testing to see if I could become desensitised/conquer the maze.

Today, in my temp job, I was going through old e-mails which had the usual funny/weird vid attachments, including one which had a note which explained it was a car ad where spooky fog appears around it while driving and was why it never went to air. If that's not one you've seen, check it out if you dare. Stupid viral marketing.

If that's not one you've seen, check it out if you dare. Stupid viral marketing.

I think I'll pass. Or maybe if I turn off the speakers... No, I'll definitely pass.

I think I'll pass

Good idea. I was stupid enough to look at it again, looking for a web version, and it still scared the crap out of me!

And the fact that I'm not going to post it in my LJ under false pretenses actually shows how unevil I actually am *lol*

shows how unevil I actually am *lol*

Your evilness only surfaces when you're changing Gale's appearance without his knowledge or consent. :p

I loathe those damn things

I know this might sound crazy but erm ... could you send me that Linda Blair-one? That is, if you still have it ofcourse *grin* I love these kinda things ok, you can slap me now

LOL! If I still have it, it's at the office computer. I'll check tomorrow.

Thank you *smile* Although it won't be so scary anymore, now that I already know Linda Blair shows up, haha.

I know. I practically had nightmares. I shut my lap top and then I couldn't open it again because that picture was still there, screaming at me. BAH.

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