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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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What to wear???
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Have you ever needed to buy clothes really badly, but not wanted to because you also want to lose weight really badly before you buy clothes? That's been my story for over a year. :|

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Oh my god, yes! And then once you've managed to lose 2 kilos because you were under stress at work or something like that you buy those sexy jeans. And then 2 weeks later, those same jeans will never be worn again...

holy shit on a stick! Lookit your icon!


Yeah... sesy mofo, huh? ;)

Yes I have been there before. *hugs*

Thanks for the moral support... *hugs back* :)

yes, about the clothes thing, but I buy them anyway. Start writing your sequel. Now.

I read your comment here before I saw this and I was like "What the hell is she talking about?" LOL!

So which one do you prefer, the one where Jennifer is Brian's mother or Brian is Justin's father?

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