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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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If you enjoy the Internet in any way, shape or form, please consider visiting the "It's Our Net" Web site
at to learn more about how the giant telephone and cable companies are trying to
take control of the Internet away from the public.

I've pasted in some of the site's text below, and if you agree with it, please visit to send a preformatted letter to your congress men and women.

And, please pass this on to anyone who might be interested!



From the "It's Our Net" Web site:

How This Affects You

The giant phone and cable companies are trying to take
control of the Internet away from the public and
convert it into their own private, corporate network.


If you are a consumer – a Mom looking for healthcare
information to protect your family; a home-school
parent using the Internet as part of your education
plan; an email user staying in touch with your family
and friends – you will have a degraded slower Internet
experience with certain Web sites. Some Web sites will
even be unavailable unless additional fees are paid.

Small Business

If you are a small business, you may not be able to
survive online. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur,
you may be impeded from providing the “next big thing”
on the Internet.

Schools & Churches

If you are a small non-profit organization, like a
church or a school, you may not be able to get your
messages out to congregants or student families
without paying more.

This fall, if Congress does not act, all of those
things could happen.

* How Did it Happen?
* What Happens if Congress Destroys Net
* What Should Congress Do?

How it happened

Last year, the phone and cable companies convinced the
Federal Communications Commission and the Courts to
change how the Internet is operated, making a few
unelected officials responsible for a decision with
billions of dollars of impact for millions of Internet

These decisions reversed the safeguards that made the
Internet so great – the freedom known as “Net
Neutrality,” which allows you to go anywhere you want
to go on the Internet. The Internet was designed by
American universities, and made available to the
general public over an open platform that required
phone and cable companies to treat all traffic in a
neutral manner.

Now, however, the phone and cable companies boast that
they will create premium lanes on the Internet for
higher fees, and give preferential access to their own
services and those VIPs who can afford to “pay to
play.” They have already blocked certain services and
have the power to block or degrade any service that
competes with them:

* Do you want the phone and cable companies to
block online movies or cheaper phone service over the
* Do you want the phone and cable companies to
decide which blogs or political sites you can access?
* Do you want phone and cable companies to give
preferential Internet access to companies who pay more
for “premium” delivery?
* Do you want phone and cable companies to keep
new innovations off the Internet?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then
Congress needs to hear from you.

What Happens if Congress Destroys Net Neutrality?

If Congress caves in to the telephone and cable
companies’ power grab, they will use that power to
dictate your content. The Net as we know it will be
radically altered. Destroying Net Neutrality would
result in:

* Discrimination – Phone and cable companies will
be able to steer you to Web content and services that
they own or have exclusive deals with.
* Higher Costs – If content providers are charged
new fees to “ensure” that you can view their sites,
they will pass these fees through to consumers like
you and small businesses.
* Reduced Investment – Investors will have little
reason to support new, Internet-based content and
services if there is no guarantee they can even get on
the net. Innovation will plummet.
* Compromised Global Competitiveness - The US will
lose its lead on the Internet as innovation moves to
more fertile, open markets overseas.

We need to keep the Internet as an open marketplace
and not allow a few rich heavy-hitters that will
dictate where you can go.
What Should Congress Do?

Congress needs to act to preserve Net Neutrality and
the Internet as we know it. They should:

1. Re-establish basic safeguards that require
broadband providers to treat all Internet traffic in a
nondiscriminatory manner, without favoritism.
2. Prohibit tiering schemes that impose fees to
“deliver” Internet content on top of the fees already
paid to connect to the Internet.
3. Require strong federal enforcement, including
penalties for violating these duties.

Everyone who uses the Internet will be affected if
Congress gives in to the telephone and cable
companies’ demands. Please, take action today to
preserve the open Internet:

* Join the Coalition Mailing List ("Sign Up for
Email Alerts" at right)
* Tell Congress: Protect Our Internet!
* Spread the Word about Net Neutrality

By working together, we can save the Internet.


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