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I hadn't been to the doctor in about four years, basically because I hate them. I hate the thought of a virtual stranger telling you what you have to do, I hate waiting in little rooms with nothing to do but listen to other people complaining about their own maladies. I hate waiting, period. However, I've been having aches and pains on my joints for about a year and finally last week the pain on my left knee was so bad I could hardly walk, so I had no choice but to go. First, the doctor had a shit fit about me not having gone to see him in four years. I was diagnosed with lupus when I was younger, was in treatment for a year after which it the tests came back negative. You're never really cured from type of illness, though. It can always return in some shape or form. I was supposed to get tested once a year, I didn't... Then he had another shit fit about my weight, he said my BMI was too high for someone with my build, and that at the rate I was going I could be a candidate for knee replacement surgery in the near future. I knew that rant was coming, which is in part why I didn't want to go. Bottom line is, he's not sure what's wrong. He prescribed a painkiller in the meantime, but I have to get some bloodtests done and x-rays, and this other test called a "bone scan", where they inject a substance into the bloodstream which then settles on the bones and with the scan, it allows them to detect any damage. So, that's it for now. To be honest, I'm a little bit anxious and maybe a little bit scared. Please send good vibes!

Also, I haven't replied to a bunch of comments from my previous post. I suck. You're all great and I love you.

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omg honey! :(( i had no idea you were dealing with illness. *hugs tight*

i'll be sending all the good vibes i have. and lighting a candle for you.

love you. don't worry, just think positive. ♥

I so understand how you feel about doctors. That's why the Thing in my uterus just gets bigger and more annoying and I sit around doing nothing about it. :/

YOU need to take care of yourself because you're loved insanely by too many people. We all want you to be healthy so we can love you for a long time. ♥

YOU need to take care of yourself because you're loved insanely by too many people. We all want you to be healthy so we can love you for a long time. ♥

Aww. :HUGS: And THAT is the same reason why you should get the Thing in your uterus checked, OKAY?

*sends all the positive vibes in the world*

OMG I'm sending good vibes all the way to you!

*squeezes* ♥

Thanks, Gio! *squeezes back*

oh darling ♥ ♥ ♥

there are a ton of natural remedies that might help, you know. joint problems are probably among the top 5 reasons people come to health food shops here, so there are quite a few options. are you at least taking fish oil?

*refrains from posting huge ramble about all that's out there*

fact: i know of three people who had been scheduled for knee replacement surgery and were able to cancel it because they had started taking glucosamine and fish oil. is all i'm saying.

*sends good vibes*

Post away! I'm really open to alternative medicine. And I *WILL* but the glucosamine and the fish oil ASAP.

Thanks! *hugs tight*

You may hate doctors, but you should hate lupus more -- we're just annoying, but with good intentions :) -- lupus is evil and needs to be kept in check as it can wreak havoc on not only the joints, but the kidneys, the brain, and more. It would be a shame to be brought down by something treatable just because of discomfort with docs -- you're worth way more than that. Lesser of two evils, you know?

Sending lots of love, hugs, and best wishes for a good outcome.

♥ Flame

p.s. If you have lupus you should make sure you are being seen regularly by a good rheumatologist, not just your internist.

*sheepish smile* You're absolutely right, and I don't really hate doctors, I just hate going to them... ;)

Oh, and BTW I'm sure my internist will refer me to a rheumatologist as soon as my test results are back.

Thanks for the good vibes, Flame! &hearts:

Yeah, not to think of the worst right away is always a good idea. Let's see what the test show (hopefully nothing major) and then deal. &;hearts

Vas a ver que todo está bien, hon. :) *Abrazos fuertes* Te mando mis más mejores vibras y pensamientos.

Aww, gracias sweetie!! *hugs*

*sends lots and lots and lots of good vibes* :X

*hugs* Thanks, Sandra. *loves*

*major hugs* to you, and I promise not to squish you too hard.

I'm sorry you're going through all this. Have you thought about taking up some sort of light exercise? You know I love to swim and any excuse to tell people about it makes me happy. ;) I'm not talking about getting in and swimming 3,000 yards or something... just something light that's low impact? It might be something that will help your joints and your bones.

Let me know if you have any questions. Love you, june bug!

*hugs tight* Thanks, hon!

Yeah, the doctor wants me to start exercising as soon as the pain's under control. Don't know if I'll be able to find the time, though. I spend so much time commuting to and from work, it's not even funny!!

Love you too, Moobers!

Thinking of you Junie! :D

♥ ♥

Thanks, darling! *smooches*

I've done the exact same thing...avoided all of them except my neurologist and my shrink. sometimes you just get sick of it. it's okay. it's your body, your life.

It's just so unnatural. :sigh:


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