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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Mmm, pancakes...
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I make them with plenty of butter, because I love that crispy, golden edge that forms all around when the mix is just the right consistency. The contrast of that crunchy saltiness with the sweetness of the syrup is just heavenly.

My cat is sitting on the back of the sofa, looking out the window, the birds are singing and the sun is shining but the air is cool... what a lovely, lovely morning! *spontaneously breaks out in song* The hills are alive...

ETA: About the latest Vanished...
and I can assure you, the last one I'll watch. Wow, did that scene with Ava at the morgue make me cry or what? She's an above average actress and it would have been interesting to see her interacting more with Gale, with them working at their relationship and that sort of material. Too bad that didn't happen. That being said, Eddie Cibrian is a better fit for the show. And this is NOT a slam on Gale by any means. Eddie's character is annoying and all I wanted to do was smack him, but, hey, the show sucks and ultimately Gale was sorely out of place in it.

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ITA. It's not at all a slam to say that a 3-dimensional actor was wasted in what proved to be a two-dimensional role.

You, bashing Gale... that'll be the day!

Btw, it's official, I won't be going to NY to see Gale after all. GD has my front row centre ticket, which is now going begging! I'm heartbroken, K! *sobs*

Aww, shit. I'm SO bummed on your behalf, H. :(((


I still haven't watched this episode. I'm just wondering if there was any particular reason that Gale was killed off? I've been so out of it lately, I have no idea what's been happening. lol.

I really don't know the exact reason. The official version is that this was all planned, that they wanted to make the show unpredictable and what better way to achieve that than by killing off the star, the other version (which I tend to believe) is that ratings were bad and the producers decided to blame it on Gale (for some reason which completely escapes me) and they decided to get rid of him. :shrugs:


I wasn't sure if there was an official reason given and I just missed it or something.

No problem. It feels nice to enlighten someone for a change, I'm usually the one out of the loop... ;)

Ugh :( Vanished can pretty much bite me. I agree with the thoughts on the Ava scene. I had a couple tears escape.

Also, today is a beautiful day here also! YAY!

Ugh :( Vanished can pretty much bite me.

Yeah. I just hope we get to see Gale on a weekly basis on TV again someday. :sigh:

And yay for beautiful days!


:P to Vanished.


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