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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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you've offered me to have a try but i was always late
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I'm *this* close to being obsessed with The Cardigans, thanks in part to YouTube. I hate that they're so underrated.

And boy are they pretty.

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Word! I so enjoy them. Every song I get is better than the last. And I really, really love that video for "don't blame your daughters". It's like a séance!

Yes! The fact that they've never been as famous as, say, No Doubt or Coldplay, etc... puzzles me exceedingly.

And BTW, I did watch that video and it reminded me of a Smashing Pumpkins video, which was nice.

Thanks so much for posting this! It's a great song and an interesting video. I don't know too many of their songs though. Can you recommend some of your favorites?

No problem.

Re: My favorite songs, I posted some for you here.

Awesome! Thank you so much. *dances*

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