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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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My feeble attempt at a sequel to this.

Scary thing is, it would have been even worse without the help of the lovely </a></b></a>cabtastic, whom, despite what she says, is so NOT the world's worst beta. ♥

All in the Family - Part Deux
by Somebodyotherthansomebodyotherthanme

"Don't tell me to calm down Brian, my sister is not my sister, and on top of that she's your daughter?"

“Baby, don’t be a drama princess. I love you.” Brian made sure to tell his life-partner he loved him every day. He loved the blonde so much. There was no one in the whole wide world like him.

“Brian, in some sort of way, we’re related!”

“No Justin baby, don‘t worry about any of that and come back to my arms, my love!”

“Later, dear. I‘m upset.”

“You think you have a reason to be upset? What about me? My son is not really my son! I jerked off into a cup for nothing.”

“Right… I’d forgotten about Gus. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you, my love. Oh, I miss him so Justin! Lindsay won’t let me see him since I told her that she was a fucking raving, psychotic lunatic for having lied to me. We were so close, Gus and I… Woe is me.” There were tears staining Brian’s cheek.

“Ugh… I have to call my mom. Why did they have to adopt Molly anyway? Wasn’t I enough?”

Justin called his mom, Jennifer, and asked her to come over so they could chat. As soon as she opened the door and caught sight of the tall, handsome man in a baseball cap standing next to her son, it all came back to her. Brian had a similar revelation when his eyes came in contact with the blonde in the ponytail walking through the door.

They had seen each other thousands of times before, but the baseball cap, the ponytail made it all so much clearer.

“Oh my God, Justin,” Jennifer wailed, holding on to the door frame to keep from falling down. “You cannot have sex with this man, ever again. Ever!”

“Wha..? You can‘t ask me that, Mom. I‘ll die. I‘ll really die if I cannot be with the love of my life.”

“Baby...” Brian said, pressing the younger man’s shoulder. “Justin, I think I had sex with your mom.”

“Oh? When?,” the young man asked casually.

“It was a long time ago. And I’m not sure it was her. Her name was Erica.”

“Yes, Brian, it was me!” Jennifer cried, covering her face with her shaking hands.

“But mom, your name is not Erica!”

“Yes, Justin, it is. You see, your father and I… when we were young, we did something we’re not proud of. We were hippies, you know… We decided to set a weapons lab on fire in an attempt to deter the Vietnam war. After that, we became runaways, we had to change our names, our lives…”

“How sad, Mom.” Justin put an arm around her shoulders.

“I met Brian shortly before then, when I was 25, he was, what? Eleven? Twelve? He told me he was seventeen and I believed him at first, because he was so sexy and so mature. Things with your fathe… Craig were not going well and I succumbed to the temptation and had a night of lust with Brian.”

“How come neither of you realized all of this when you saw each other again… when Brian and I started our relationship?” Justin asked.

“I’d never seen grown-up Brian wear a baseball cap before!,” claimed Jennifer.

“And the ponytail! Makes her look as young as she did back then.”

Justin just nodded. That explained things completely.

“Erica… Jennifer, why don’t you want me to make love to my blonde angel again?” Brian asked.

“There’s more I haven’t told you… I got pregnant from our one night stand. I know it wasn’t Craig’s, because he and I were not having a lot of sex back then. So I knew the baby was Brian’s.”

“So what are you saying mom?”

“Justin, YOU are that baby! You are Brian’s SON!”

Brian stood for a moment, confused, but as soon as he recovered, he grabbed Justin in a tight bear hug.

“Yay, I have a son again! And Molly‘s back to being your real sister! I lost Gus, but now I have you Justin. Baby, I’m so happy!”

“Brian, this is terrible! You’re my FATHER! And we’ve had sex! Lots of dirty, sweaty, wild, pornographic gay sex. You’ve stuck your tongue up my ass and put your fist up there too, we have drunk each other’s cum and…”

“Stop Justin, you’re fucking turning me on.” Brian exclaimed, running his hands all over his lover’s smooth body.

“Eww Brian! I’m out of here. I don’t ever want to see you again!”

“No! I can’t lose my two sons AND my lover! Please don’t leave me Justin!” Brian pleaded. He then grinned maliciously and said: “Or I’ll have to chase you and spank you…” He couldn’t help himself. It was, after all, the ULTIMATE kink.

“Oh god, MOM help me please! I love him, but I can‘t ever be with him again!,” Justin cried, as he kneeled on the floor and held on to her legs.

“Luckily, there‘s an easy solution for all this mess. Here take this card and give them a call,” Jennifer said, extending a business card, which she just happened to have in her purse, to Justin.

“MIB? What’s that? A bad crossover?”

“Just call them. They’ve really helped Craig and me a lot during our years as fugitives of the law.”


Brian and Justin walked, hand in hand, out of the MIB, Inc. building, after undergoing their elective memory manipulation. Brian had made a mental note to get himself a neuralizer, as he figured it could come in handy with his clients, but they had accidentally erased that too.

They specified that they didn’t want to know that Molly was Brian’s daughter, that Gus wasn’t really his, and especially that Justin was Brian’s son. The neuralizer would take away all the trauma, all the pain. The boys figured if they could clear their minds of all the revelations from the past couple of days, their lives could go back to being as perfect as they’d been before.

They would go back to their daily walks in the park with their Pomeranian, Fufu. Justin would cook dinner for Brian, and Brian would bring flowers and chocolates to his baby. He’d even offer to cook for Justin on days when the blond was especially tired and they’d write poems to each other that they leave stuck to the fridge with heart shaped magnets:

“You are the Sunshine of my life
The days are bright since I found you
Under the streetlight.

Love, B.”

“Knight in shining armor
You rescued me
And gave me life
You are more beautiful
Than the red roses from our garden.

Yours for all eternity,


And every day, Brian would pick a dew-kissed rose from the garden of their picket fenced house -- years ago they’d figured the loft wasn’t nearly romantic enough-- and place it next to Justin on the pillow, so it would be the first thing his sapphire blue eyes would glimpse upon every morning.

Jennifer saw to it that none of the involved parties ever told Brian and Justin the truth. They were to remain forever protected from reality, cocooned by their perfect love.

Nowadays, after their perfect, blissful fucks, which took place every two hours or so, they often wondered why their bodies seemed to know each other so well, why they were so in tune to each other. They’d never know the real bond they had and how it made them so alike. They had no idea, and that was good.

The End

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oh yeah, oh yeah. All rise and perpetuate the bj fog. The b/j fog is now so strong that it permeates even those that have created it. Yes, even they are not immune to the evil permeation of the fog. Long live the fog.

Yours for all eternity, Plumsuede

LOL! What exactly</i? is the fog? Thanks... *bows*

That was so great, my sides hurt from laughing so much!

Thanks! Sorry your sides hurt, though. :( *rubs you*

Love, love, love it! Thanks so much for writing it, and putting up with me harassing you. :)) <33

See? Harassment and deprivation of sleep and sex pays off. :P

It wouldn't have been worth reading without your help. Thanks!!! ::hugs::

and sex

Shhh, that part was supposed to be a secret. :D

::hugs back::

OMG! ::screams, runs around in circles, faints:: ........ ::revives:: OMG! ::screams, runs around in circles, faints again::

LMAO! Funniest. Feedback. Ever.

Thank you!!! :)

I can't even type out a comment cause I'm laughing so hard! That was great!

My favorite lines:

“Brian, in some sort of way, we’re related!”

“Justin, I think I had sex with your mom.”
“Oh? When?,” the young man asked casually.

“I’d never seen grown-up Brian wear a baseball cap before!,” claimed Jennifer.
“And the ponytail! Makes her look as young as she did back then.”
Justin just nodded. That explained things completely.

“MIB? What’s that? A bad crossover?”

I want more badfic! :o)

Thanks so much! :D

“MIB? What’s that? A bad crossover?”

Yeah, that one was good. ♥ cabbers ♥

Wheeee, incest! :D And the poems! And the MIB! And everything! =))

Wheeee, incest!


Thanks!! :)

Buahahahahahahaha! PERFECT, I tell you, PERFECT!!!

Thanks! ♥ Can't tell you how honored I feel. *bows*


i'm still a bit incoherent from all the laughing, but i loved this

please write more, this one of the best badfics ever

soo good


please write more, this one of the best badfics ever

*wonders if this is good or bad* LOL! Thanks! Will write more only if cabbers agrees to beta for me again. ;)

So wrong in sooo many way, well done!

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