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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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It's all about me...
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Birthday related rambling... I will cut it in the un likely event you'd rather skip it.

Today started off pretty badly. I knew my twin wouldn't be around for the whole week, and I didn't get the chance to talk to her yesterday before she left on her trip, and on top of that we're closing the month at work which meant I'd be there until the wee hours.

First good thing of the day... the Brian/Justin birthday card that wide_ocean made for me. :)

In the car on the way to work, my sister said to look under the seat, where I found a couple of birthday cards; one from my parents and one from my sister. They both made me cry, especially Dad's message. He's seldom expressive of his feelings, and whenever he does, it always gets me. So that was very nice.

Then I arrived to the office, and Karen and Fer, my co workers, greeted me with hugs and kisses.

Jose, my co-worker and best guy-buddy, got in later and he said he'd got me a multi-functional gift. Something to suck on and also keep my hands busy. It was a lollipop that also came with one of those mini water games thingies, you know? Where you push buttons to get little hoops into sticks... LOL! He also gave me the best hug of the day. Wish he wasn't married. :p

Two of my cousins called my with birthday wishes. And almost when I'd given up hope for a cake, at 11:55 PM they tricked me into going down to the basement for a "meeting" which turned out to be a mini surprise party.

I got home to find a package from my twin containing a birthday card and a copy of the Blender mag with U2 on the cover. ♥ As is the case with our packages to each other, it arrived at just the perfect moment. We really are twins, or were in another life, I swear. She also sent me a beautiful animated greeting by e-mail.

Then I come home to lots of birthday wishes from everyone... And lots of feedback for my bad!fic. I feel so loved!

All in all, a good one, made even better by my online friends. Thank you guys! ♥

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well, here's another Happy, happy birthday!

Great to hear you had such a good day.


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, flaming_ju-une,
Happy Birthday to you!

Sorry to hear it started out crappy, but at least it ended on a good note. Happy birthday, again! :)

Late Happy Birthday Wishes, better than none at all I say!

YAY! For Great Bdays!! Btw Happy Belated Bday. *hugs*

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