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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Alex Suarez
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I love this guy!

Okay, maybe not. But I still think he's cute!

Anyhoo, I think the bandslash bug has bit me. O_O

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Nope, sorry. Don't see it! :) Gale's in a class all by himself. ;p

However, if you like this guy, just ignore me!

Gale's in a class all by himself. ;p

That's very true. He's a sex god!


I was all, "Suarez. SUAREZ...this is not a bandom person. OMG!!!!"

1) Welcome to the dark side. If you need anything, give me a holler.


3) He's going to be at the Knitting Factory tomorrow night. Just so you know.

1) Yay! Thank you! I will.

2) I LOVE that video. It's like, my favorite thing ever! I love his moves, LOL.

3) Oh. And I'm so far. :( Are you going?

All of the Cobras have awesome moves! There are no words for how much I love them.

I completely forgot that you don't live here. Yes, I'm going. He and Ryland are celebrating their record release. I'll be bringing my camera. :D

Yes, I'm going. He and Ryland are celebrating their record release. I'll be bringing my camera. :D

Oh, excellent! Have a great time.

SUAREZZZZ!!! He is beyond amazing.

Anyway, welcome to the dark side! :D If you need any more convincing (or something to feed the bandslash bug), I'll be more than happy to provide links!

He's a cutie.

Yes, please! I need more convincing. Ok, not really, I just want more!!!

Oh, there is more. SO MUCH MORE. This is the fandom that keeps on giving, seriously. :D

Do you want to stick with Alex and the Cobras for now or are you ready to branch out yet? *rubs hands* For the former, I once did a picspam/primer thing here that has a lot of pics and links to further ressources. Here's a long post to show you why Gabe Saporta is awesome. Here's the "reality show" they did for MTV. Here's their Buzznet account, where they have tons of random and hilarious videos. Here's Alex showing you how to cook pasta.

There's more, but I don't want to overwhelm you. :))

I think I'm ready to branch out. Actually, I've already read some Gabe/William (TAI) fic, but I didn't find that many and I'd definitely like to read more. However, I'm open to checking out other pairings/bands.

Great primer on CS! Those guys are such fun. Make me wish they were my best buds and we could hang out. :p

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