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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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I need some stimulation, baby.
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I need cool handwriting-type fonts for Photoshop. Needless to say, of the free variety. Any links or suggestions? I have googled, but haven't found anything I've liked.

  • 1 has pretty much every font you'll ever need, in my opinion. They have a whole section for handwriting ones.

That's exactly what I was going to suggest.

Jane Austen is my favorite

I downloaded a bunch. I see a lot of icons in my future, mwahahaha.

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I have the best flist. ♥

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Oh, I just recently downloaded a bunch of fonts, so I've got some stuff to share!

ownthesunshine has an amazing font guide with a ton of links and examples
This has some nice stuff
Here is another good list

Hope you find something you were looking for! I personally loved a lot of the fonts in those guides.

Thank you! Those are great resources. :D

Fonts! ♥

Fonts For Peas has a bunch of awesome ones that I adore. And there are also a bunch of font sites listed at the bottom of my resource post. :D

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