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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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stock: apple
On this entry? I lied. Ok, not so much as "lied", more like "what was I thinking?"


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And he's wearing Nick Scimeca's shirt. His FABULOUS shirt.

I hadn't really noticed the shirt...

J/K! That *is* a fabulous shirt. I want it.


I'm pretty sure you can buy it online.

Hon, we'd ALL so do him. lol. He's seriously going to have to hide out in the bus at Warped because I swear if I get even 2 FEET away from him, I will rape him. LawL. I kind of love the scruff too. DAMMIT BECKETT. STOP BEING SO PRETTY.

Oh God. The next door neighbor just called and invited me over to take a shot of Vodka with her cause it's my birthday and I took like, 4 and now I'm BUZZED as HELL.

I think I'm entitled, though. Especially since I have to deal with all this family drama. *le sigh*

LOL, yeah, I think you are entitled.

Stay safe!

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