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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Pic-hunting last night. Went to bed too late, slept for four hours. But I found these:

OH they're so cute I could eat them! William's little face. ♥

Guh. That face again. William always looks so happy around Gabe. :sigh:


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The second picture made me laugh *LOL* aw William...the hair eeesh.

:D The hair has really grown on me (pun not intended).

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That, and the fact that they're obviously in love.

Exactly. All that's missing are little hearts in their eyes. They're so ridiculous.

Ridiculous boys in love. :)

Travis/William/Gabe is my number one OT3 but Gabe/Victoria/William is my second favorite (but I've never read one fic for them ;__;). I'd like to add once again that Beckett/Guy Ripley/VickyT would also make my life

I asked for Beckett/Guy/Vicky-T fic on bandslashmania and was so completely ignored. *fails* I need it!

We need to start tracking down some TAI and Cobra writers and bribe them

What do you think we can pay them with? *thinks*

Well I can supply gifs and you can supply drabbles? idk but I want a fic for them immediately

Ahaha, so cute! William's SMILE.

His smile is made of babies and flowers and I think I even saw a Brendon.

Yessssssssssssss thank you. I needed these in my life. William, you adorable precious face.

William's smiley face is just... there should be like a legal minimum recommended daily allowance of it or something. Like calcium.

You're welcome.

OMG sooo pretty. I hope I get some really good ones Monday. It would make my life XD

Guh. It's almost here! I hope you have a great time and get a hug from Beckett, at the very least. ;)

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