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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Oh it's been getting so hard livin' with the things you do to me
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Not new, but I've been in such a Gabe/William mood after divvy helped me put things in perspective yesterday, so...

Gabe, love, what exactly are you doing to William's limp... microphone?

They switched hats. Cute!

Honestly, they make it SO easy.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh she did. I swear I can't stop smiling since I read her e-mail.

Thanks for that clip. Oh Gabriel, so amusing. :)

That would make my life, I'm not kidding.

(Deleted comment)
And I keep going back and reading them over again.

ME TOO! Like, five times so far.

I want a story where Gabe is obsessed with William's hands. *wink wink*

Why can't all people be that adorable?

Coz then Bill and Gabe wouldn't be speshul. Our speshul boys.

(Deleted comment)
That is kinda sad. :p Actually, I would have read them more times but I'm pacing myself.

O_O Double Dog Dare? That's not to be taken lightly. What to do??? I will try, but I make no promises. My writing really sucks.

:D Isn't it great? scatterheart made it.

(Deleted comment)
If quality mattered, half the people who write these days wouldn't be writing.

Hee! So true.

I wrote it! Would you beta?

It's only 475 words long, but at least it's something! I need some help with the porn.

Yeah, that's pretty much my reaction about everything when it comes to these two.

I love that picture and divvy is amazing but she intimidates me with her amazingness :(

And I'm a nosy bitch and want to know what this Gabe/William email you speak of is all about

Divvy sent me some stories about Gabe and William that she has gathered from her own and her friends' meetings with the guys. Pretty great stuff. I'm dying to discuss with you and Ashleigh, but first I need to ask her if it's okay to pass it on.

Ugh, William's face! I could eat him.

Aww, why? She is so sweet!

He looks so cute in that hat because it's so not him.

She really is but I never seem to know what to say to her that doesn't seem stupid D: I'm pathetic I know

No you're not. I say stupid things too. I guess I've embraced my stupidity. :D

your icon is so sad :'(

She's just an amazing writer and has all these ~rare~ pictures and inside info and I just get all fangirly over her :( fml

Re: your icon is so sad :'(

This one's better. ;)

Yeah, she is the coolest ever. I fangirl her too.

And I ♥ you!

Btw, I wanted to ask you if you could make a .gif of his smile at around 1:58 here:

It is the best thing ever.

Re: your icon is so sad :'(

Going through old comments in my inbox and I found this one.

I tried to make a gif of that already and it didn't work out. The video was too dark to see his smile properly in gif form.

Re: your icon is so sad :'(

LOL, I'd already forgotten I left you that comment.

Bummer. :( That smile is the most beautiful thing.

Thanks anyway, hon.

you are so silly aw this made me laugh. i'm not intimidating at all, i am a big dork! i've just given mirror_mirror the greenlight to email you ;)

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