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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Now touch me, baby / Can't you see that I am not afraid?
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Something I wrote today. Very short (what else is new?)
R-ish, maybe?
Disclaimer: This never happened, that I know of. It's pure fiction.
Warnings: Fluff.
Thanks to ourgossip_lips for the beta! (She also double dog dared me to write it, so... And, I changed a few things after she saw it; mistakes are all mine.)

They're between the sheets, naked and entangled after having made love. Gabe is half on top of William, speaking almost against his cheek. "You know what I love the most about you, Bill?"

"My non-existent ass?"


"My sexy hips," William says, sounding almost certain.

"Hmm... I love those too, but no," Gabe whispers, running his fingers over William's hipbone.

"My perfect voice?" William smiles wickedly.

"And your modesty?" Gabe asks, giggling a little. "No."

"I am modest. Like, my hair? It's not perfect. Not always anyway," William says, matter-of-factly.

Gabe groans. "Dude."

"Is it my hair?"


"Then I give. I don't have infinite attributes."

"You didn't mention your absurdly long legs, or your pretty eyes and eyelashes and lips, or your talented tongue." Bill blushes and looks away from Gabe.

"Or the fact that after all we've done together, you still blush about stuff I say." Gabe kisses William's lips sweetly. "But it's not any of those things."

"Then what?" William asks impatiently.

"Your hands, Bill. Me obsesionan tus manos." Gabe is now fully on top of William, breathing his words out over William's lips. "I want them all over me all the time. When you're gone I dream about them touching me, around and inside me. Your fingers inside my mouth, their roughness on my tongue. Up my ass. I have come so many times to the thought of your hands."

William stays silent, just looking into Gabe's eyes. "You're a freak, Gabriel," he says after a few seconds, but there's no harshness to his words, especially when he leans forward to press a gentle kiss to Gabe's lips. The kiss lingers and intensifies, their tongues meeting halfway.

William flips them over so that he's lying beside Gabe, and continues kissing him while at the same time running his fingertips down Gabe's face, his neck, across his nipples, pinching them softly. Gabe moans when William's hand reaches his abdomen and keeps going lower, lower, there.

William jerks Gabe off a little on the rough side, the way Gabe likes it; with intent but taking his time. Gabe is gripping the sheets hard, toes curling at each stroke, his moans reverberating on the walls.

He comes too soon, all over William's hand.

Gabe looks beautiful, William thinks, all sweaty and glowing and out of breath. He nuzzles Gabe's cheek and is about to grab a corner of the sheet to clean himself up when Gabe stops him and proceeds to lick each finger clean instead. William can only gape at him, fascinated. When he is done, he lovingly kisses the palm of William's hand, then up his wrist like some gentleman in a romance novel. "You're ridiculous," William says, laughing.

"Ridiculously in love with you, William Beckett." William rolls his eyes, but he can't stop smiling. Gabe kisses his smile, and keeps on kissing him until at some point they fall asleep, holding hands.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks again, sweetie. :hugs:

Seriously, though, I am really thinking about William's bony fingers in Gabe's ass, ugh, so fucking hot.

NNNGH. Feel free the expand on the theme.

gabe speaking spanish. nnngh. :)

good stuff.

Well. I had no idea we had a fic writer in our midst :D

*mwah* Thanks for reading.

I don't know whether to say "awww" or "nngh." ♥

You thought this was "nngh" worthy. I'm so flattered! Thanks. ♥

>_> You give good porn.


Hee! Thanks for commenting, sweetie.

this is all my fault and i love it, and i love you.

Aww! It is. It SO is.

Thank you... I'm not worthy. Love you!

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