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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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When we met I was on my back.
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Why didn't anybody ever tell me Butch Walker was so hot?

Those smoldering eyes... and his tattoos. Papasito. And he's got a great voice, too. How come I didn't know?

I know he's gotten older, inevitably, but I'd still do him. And so would William according to this story I may or may not be writing.

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Lucky! I almost never have sex dreams, and when I do it's not with the people I'd like to have sex dreams about.

How's your tendonitis?

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That's kinda cool.

Glad you're feeling better. :D

!! Could I have the full size to your icon please?

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It's kind of my goal to get all the Gabe/William pictures on the internet. I love them more than I've ever loved an OTP before :(

It makes me love the height difference so much more

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Of course!

I really should make a separate folder for just them now, I have them mixed in with my Treckett pictures but that folder is getting too large for all the gay. They're my second bandom OTP but I've definitely had the most fun and met the best people through supporting them. And a big YES to canon. They are SO canon that I'm shocked there isn't more fic for them. They're a hell of a lot more canon than any Panic pairings that's for sure

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I never understood what the big deal about Panic was. Musically or in terms of fan fiction. There is just so much of it and it really ends up frustrating me since there are much better fandoms that could be getting that attention.

But see I don't even think Panic makes it that easy. They have that whole stagegay thing sometimes but it's all very tame and it really doesn't compare to other pairings in existence. For me I think the love between Gabe and William (whether it's a close friendship or otherwise) is a lot more obvious and interesting than anything that goes on with Panic.

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Yes! If Panic was written like crazy but there was a decent amount of Cobra, TAI, GCH, DD fic I wouldn't complain, I could just scroll on by. But instead you go in bandslashmania or dotcoms_refresh and you see Panic fic after Panic fic and if there's anything of the rarer pairings it's generally not very good at all. I don't know why but poor Gabe/William attract some pretty awful writers. But I guess beggars can't be choosers :\

Fucking thank you! They have the cutest relationship out of anyone else in bandom in my opinion and it's beyond me why people aren't writing fic after fic for them.

(I'm totally adding you by the way)

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Even MCR isn't getting a lot of fic lately and I hate it :(. I remember when I did dabble in Panic fics I actually had to go looking for them! But now you can't go a day without at least 3 good ones being posted. I'm lucky if I find one decent Gabe/William a month


I thought I recognized your name from somewhere! Yeah I check the comm out occasionally but there are a lot of young writers who write very ooc fics that aren't even formatted properly. I love the pairing regardless but I wish there was more good fic in it. (If you ever need help with your modly duties I would love to help, I really want that community to improve).

Don't be embarrassed I'm pretty much the same way. Something Gabe/William brightens up my day more than anything else I can think of.

Butch/Beckett needs to be written. ladykronik would back me up on that too

I know!

It's actually because of her that I'm presently researching Butch Walker. :D

Dude, THAT's Butch Walker??

IKR? I never would have imagined.

Butch Walker is SO hot.

Better late than never, yes? :P

That man may be 'older' but fuuuuuck.

We're writing Becks/Butch, huh? That's what I'm talkin' about. XD

See, this is why I love Santi so much. Butch produced it and you can hear his influence on the album. So yeah, Santi FTW.

I refuse to believe this man is 38.
But, yeah..... totally hot...

My personal favorite pic.

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