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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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i love the sound of you walking away
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Disclaimer: This never happened, that I know of. It's pure fiction.

They're going to some stupid awards show and, true to form, William is late. Adam, Mike and Andy are waiting at the hotel lobby. Meanwhile, back at the room, William is fighting a losing battle with his hair. He finally gives up; it hangs limp and lifeless around his face as he searches for something to wear. He just stands there semi-naked in front of the closet for a few minutes. There's really not much to choose from, what with the guys always hassling him to pack light. Unenthusiastically, he grabs a few items; red V-neck, black vest, dark jacket and jeans. Puts them on, followed by socks and boots. He sticks his hand into his suitcase without even looking and pulls out a dark-green bandanna that doesn't really go with anything he's wearing, but he's too rushed to care. He folds it into a triangle, ties it around his knee and unties it again several times. It's never right. "Hey Tom, would you…" he starts to say, stops mid-sentence when he remembers that Tom's not there. Not in the room, not in the hotel, not in his life. On his way out the door, he lets the piece of fabric fall to the floor.

I wasn't going to post it but what the hey.

It was inspired by my icon and by this pic. This was apparently from right after Tom was kicked out. I didn't find any other pics from this event so I honestly don't know if he was wearing his bandanna on that day or not and I really don't care. He looks miserable, regardless. They all do.

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"Hey Tom, would you…" he starts to say, stops mid-sentence when he remembers that Tom's not there. Not in the room, not in the hotel, not in his life. On his way out the door, he lets the piece of fabric fall to the floor.

Really beautifully angsty ♥

Thanks for commenting. ♥

that's so totally heartbreaking. i ship tom/william so hard.

do you have the original to your icon by any chance? i've never see it before!

They're my OTP.... I love them so much!

Sure do:

It's a screen cap from the Checkmarks video.

same here. otp foreverrrr. i've been so bummed because my friend who was the william to my tom doesn't have net D: i'm always so tom/bill deprived, guh.

of course! thank you.

No one writes them, it's so sad.

You're welcome!

i know! it's terrible, it really is D:

augh D:

but. ♥

[ugh, i need to finish something with tom/william in it. ): it's in practically all the 'verses i'm working on right now, but. NOTHING IS GETTING DONE UGHHFHGH ;____; rar]

Sorry it made you sad. :(

You do, you really do. I'm going through some serious withdrawals here.

it was gooooood, though. :D

i should email some random snippet-things to you, y/n? i know i have before but i don't even remember what they were

Aw, thanks! ♥

You have? *scratches head* I don't remember... I guess my age is showing. ;)

Send me anything, anytime. If it's Tom/William it's always welcome:


i thought i had? *was already checking sent mail and hasn't found anything* maybe it was somebody else, oh wellll~

woo~ kay. :D *starts pulling stuff together to send*

Maybe it was to my other address. It's

Cool! *bounces*

aha, iiii get it now 8'D got you confused with divvy cause we talk about tom/william a lot too

\o/ *clips pieces of fics* you're getting stuff from soooo many different 'verses, i swear 8D

Ah, I see. Well, in that case, I'm flattered because she's awesome.


(Deleted comment)
Thanks for reading it even though it's not you r cup of tea. I appreciate it. :hugs:

Yeah, he looks like death warmed over. :/

Do you know what that was?
That was the sound of my heart breaking into a few dozen pieces.
They all look so bad in that pic.
This is why I ship Tom/William. It's so angst!y.

Aww! I'm sorry! *squeezes*

I'm such a sucker for angst. It's like my drug of choice.

OH, my poor heart. William!

*pets* I seem to enjoy hurting The William Beckett.

Well that was emo inducing *lol* I don't usually read drabbles but I think I might have to start if they pack such a punch as this one.

Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you for reading. When I write Tom/William, all that ever comes out is emo-inducing, LOL.

I feel ridiculous that it took me so long to figure out who you were. I don't know when you renamed your journal, but I switched to a new one as well. I'm dying to know what pic you linked to but it's no longer working.

Tom/Will are the OTP of my heart and soul. Can you believe Empires is touring with TAI...?! Anyway, loved this little snapshot, I love the angst. Sigh.

Oh hi there! :) Yeah, these name changes are confusing, LOL.

You should see the pic now, cause I added you back.

Tom/Will... ♥ I'm still in shock about the TAI/Empires thing. Gah!

Thanks for reading. :)

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