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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Swallowed dandruff shampoo while showering this morning. Do not attempt.

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crossing it off my "things to try" list!

You are very wise to do so.

Oh, and I made the mistake of reading the bottle and it said to contact a Poison Control Center if swallowed and then my mind was all "omg you're going to die!", "no, you're not gonna die, that must surely mean if you drink, like, half a bottle or something. right? RIGHT?" I settled for drinking about a gallon of water from the showerhead and a glass of milk after. It's been, oh, a couple of hours and I'm still alive, so I think I'll make it. :p

Heh, I'm sure you'll be okay :D

They had something in the newspaper here last week about a HIGHLY TOXIC OMG car window wash (apparently this is what hardcore drunks drink?). You have to drink a liter of it before it kills you. I can't imagine ingesting that much accidentally :P

Oh wow, one must be pretty desperate to drink that... Yikes.

Yeah, I don't think they would buy that, "oops, it just fell on my mouth!"

Oh dear :/ I think I'd rather get shampoo in my eyes than swallow it o_O

Yeah, after this I think I do too.

Yes. A world of EWWWWWW. O_O

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