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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Questionable hairstyles aside,

Ugh, his fingers.


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Boy being the operative word? :p

He is cute, though. :D

Haha... :p He's legal.

His hair is so bad, though. It's a new style and everyone's freaking out about it.

LOL. Barely?

The hair's pretty bad, I agree. But where the hell are they? A clothes shop? What kind of PA is that supposed to be? I'd be much more worried about that than the hair! And the overexcited girls. :p

Nah, he just looks young for his age. Honest.

It makes me sad, cause he used to look like this:

They're doing this ridiculous Hot Topic tour... It's kind of embarrassing/endearing? I don't even know.

LOL... Teenies love him. O_O

I see what you mean.

I can also see the appeal. Give me boyish skininess and I'm there.

Is he actually gay or is he just acting it?

Give me boyish skininess and I'm there.

Especially girlish, sexy, boyish skinniness. ;)

Actually, that's one of life's big questions. No one really knows for sure, and that, for me, is a big part of the appeal. He's pretty good at "acting" it, though...

Btw, since I seem to have piqued your interest, if you have a chance/are terribly bored, you might want to check out this primer. It's how I got into bandom in he first place. *lures* ;)

Oh those young boys, they love to play with us, don't they? They know we love us some ambiguity.

I'm bookmarking the primer and will check it out. (I'm housecleaning at the moment, so I better not get too distracted. :D)

Ambiguity is tremendously sexy.

Cleaning... fun! :p

Ok, hope you find it at least entertaining.

I have no words for how horrendous his hair looks.

Hahaha... yeah, it's really bad.

(Deleted comment)
NNGH. Jesus.

I can't help but go all starry eyed watching that. He's SO adorable... such great personality. AND so pretty on top of that. Not fair, Beckett.

Hehe, you are not alone. It's even scarier when you're 33... O_O


this is what happens when i'm away from the internet too long, apparently

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