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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Your heavy heart is made of stone, and it's so hard to see you, clearly
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Not gonna lie, the hair is growing on me.

William, please stop it with the cute.

I haven't even started packing for tomorrow. *procrastinates*

It's WIP amnesty time! Well, does it count if it's just one WIP?

Jon always thought when folks said they were in love with two people at the same time, that it was bullshit. That it wasn't possible to have that depth of feeling times two. That it would be enough to kill you. Now that it's happening to him, he knows it doesn't really kill you, but it can make you kinda wish the earth would open up and swallow you sometimes.

Jon knows it's ridiculous. Tom has smelly feet, a rotten temper, can't smile for pics, looks through Jon's stuff without his consent and is his best friend. Bill is moody, takes things too seriously, wears girl jeans that show off his girl hips, spends ages in the shower singing Broadway hits and using up all the warm water, and obsessively checks his hair in car windows.

But then he thinks about how talented Tom is, the way his hair reflects the sunlight, how pretty his smile is when he thinks no one is paying attention, how fucking good a friend he is. And he thinks of Bill's voice, his hands, how he can always tell when Jon is nostalgic or upset, how he gives the best hugs ever.

He thinks of how they kiss each other, with hands on cheeks/hair/hips, always wanting to get closer. How he cannot decide if he'd rather be Bill or Tom or right there in the middle.

After, Jon can hardly see a reason not to be in love with them.

Jon hears them fucking sometimes. They are only a few feet away from him, after all. He could avoid it, but he doesn't. Tom is almost completely silent, except for a few grunts near the end. Sometimes he says Bill's name, so softly that Jon is not sure if he imagined it.

Bill is - almost unfortunately, Jon thinks - louder. He giggles, begs/demands ("Harder, Tom." "Please, Tommy." "Oh fuck, Tom, fuck me already."), moans, pants, whimpers; a full spectrum of sex sounds that leave Jon invariably and achingly hard.

He jerks himself off thinking of Bill's eyes burning into his, Tom's red lips on his cock, Bill's hands all over Tom, Tom mouthing Bill's hipbone.

He's never quite sure whose image he comes to.

This was supposed to go on into a threesome scene, but I stopped and couldn't pick it up again.

Oh, here's another.

The first time they kiss, William is very drunk. The boys are out somewhere. William and Tom are tired and showing the early signs of a cold, so they decide to stay in and just hang out. Tom breaks out a bottle of rum "for medicinal purposes", which works like a charm because two hours and more than a few cups of the liquor later they are feeling no pain. They're on the couch; William leaning against Tom, nuzzling his neck, giggling. "Hey Tommy. Such a pretty mouth. You have such a pretty pretty mouth," he says, followed by more giggles. "Wanna kiss you now," he breathes the words against Tom's ear, laughing softly.

Tom scoffs. "Dude, you are soooo drunk. You don't even know what you're saying."

William straightens up on the couch, indignant. "I know what I'm saying. Perr… Perfectly. I. Want. To kiss you." And then William's lips are on his and despite all the ways that it is wrong and not how Tom had pictured their first kiss to be, he can't help but kiss back. It's as sloppy as can be expected under the circumstances, too much spit, too little aim. William's mouth spends more time in the vicinity of Tom's mouth that on his actual lips and he comically licks at Tom's nose. It is hot regardless, hands groping everywhere, bodies thrusting against each other and who knows what would have happened had the guys not stumbled in right then. Fortunately, their entrance is noisy enough to make Tom break the kiss before any of them sees.

The next morning, William is severely hungover and suffering from a full blown cold. "Dude, what did you give me last night? My head is gonna fall off," he says.


"Rum? That shit makes me crazy. Did I do anything?" Bill asks, eyes widening slightly.

Tom hesitates for a moment. Yes, you kissed me and we almost fucked, he wants to say. "Yes. You sang Oh Susana backwards," he replies. (William really had.) "And you bet me twenty at thumb wrestling and you lost." (William had won.)

"Fuck! You're kidding. I owe you, like, sixty bucks by now," William whines.

"Eighty, dude. Pay up."

William just groans and throws himself down on the couch to watch TV.

Things go back to normal for a while after that, and Tom's not sure if he's relieved or disappointed.

There was some stuff before this scene, but it was really bad.

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He smiles, I melt. It's pathetic.

I have no idea, I know nothing about The Cab, sorry.

Adam is around there, somewhere, doing nothing. :p

You made me miss bandom. Awww boys.

I like your icon. I'm going through an AAR phase. :D

D: D: D:

What happened to his hair?!

I don't know... He likes to torture us, it would seem.

MAN. MAN. WIP, CONTINUE IT MAN. ohmydog. please? dude. ah shit fangirling here o____________o

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