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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Adam Lambert, stop trying to kill me.
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His freckled shoulders. That mouth.

He ejaculates glitter like Curt Wild. I die.

Lips. Nngh.

Fierce mofo.

I'm prettier than you, bitch.

Freckes. Cute!

These last three... GUH.

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The last two pictures are cute but overall I really just don't see why everyone is creaming their pants over this guy. I understand his personality being appealing but I don't find him attractive at all :(

Not everyone is. Lots of people think he's fug and that's fine. I find him very attractive for some reason. :shrugs:

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, the Clockwork Orange pics. Those are HOT.

YAY, I've converted someone. Woot! ♥


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That was pretty much my reaction to these.

LOL, aww. Well, I typed "freckes" up there, so... It's what Adam does to us.

How so hypnotizing, Adam??

I really adore the black and white pic with the mirror. I don't particular find Adam attractive, but he does take a great photo and he's an immense talent.

He is very photogenic. And talented. :)

Well, he can come over here and try to kill me for a while- I won't mind~

Damn, his little smirks are so adorable. And his freckles! He is so damn freckly!

I love his freckles! I wish he'd set them free more often.

I love the picture under the 'fierce mofo' section. [Even though this whole page screams 'Fierce Mofo', but you understand what I mean.] I think somebody has been stealing hats from Matt.

And making them fabulous, of course.

That's one of my favorites. ♥

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