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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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ABC sucks
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They're being such vindictive bitches.

I blame them. How is he being allowed to perform in other networks if it's the FCC?

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I hope other networks step up and replace these appearances. I blame ABC as well. This is just mean and spiteful now.

He's gonna be on Jay Leno on the 21st. I just hope he gets a good replacement for NYE, cause that was pretty huge. :(

Does MTV still do their big party? It would be fine if he could be one of the main acts for that. And it would be a big FU to the Dick Clark special.

I don't know, I don't really watch MTV. That sounds like a good option if they're still doing it.

I remember it being a huge party. They got all the young viewers, and left the stuffy party to Dick Clark. Plus I can see MTV getting behind someone like Adam just to make a statement. Although, they have gone downhill a lot in recent years. I'm not sure they are still a big contender. I haven't watched MTV in years.

Well, Viacom (MTV's parent) has always censored its cable content pretty heavily (look at the butchered Queer As Folk episodes on Logo for example) but they sure would not have blurred a same-sex kiss.

It's Disney, ABC's corporate parent. You don't fuck with The Mouse. They are reacting as if it was Nipplegate all over again, and it is not even as though the FCC fined them.

My suggestion is that Adam be a correspondent or do a satellite performance segment on CNN's New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. That would be MUST SEE TV.

I didn't know about the ABC/Disney connection. Damn, no wonder. :/ This is making them look pretty bad, though, right? At least from what I've gathered, the media seems to be siding with Adam for the most part.

OH YEAH. I'd watch that. ;)

Don't let them fool you, Disney is trying to take over the entertainment world. They are behind more than you would think.

To answer your other question, Adam wasn't super-accurate in that tweet. The FCC is not doing anything to ABC (yet) but ABC is worried that conservative pressure groups will muscle the FCC into action against them (or worse, that they will lose sponsors because of this). So they are taking no chances and trying to get artists to contractually agree to abide by Standards & Practices-approved behavior beforehand to avoid anything similar.

Gotcha. So this is all preemptive.

On the network's part, yes.

Believe me, it is not moral qualms, it is the fear of possible loss of viewership/advertising income.

I can't believe people are really making that big a deal about this. I've changed my views on the situation a lot since seeing how honorably Adam has handled it and then how horribly basically everyone else in America has. Now I'm of the mind that he should keep doing exactly what he's doing and fuck everyone else.

Yeah. I'm really hoping he doesn't apologize; that would make me lose some respect for him. Although it's understandable if he does cause the pressure must be insane. I think he's handled the whole thing beautifully so far and it seems like he has a lot of support from the media and other celebrities, so hopefully that will help him stay strong and stick to his guns.

I guess it's kind of similar to the whole "is he gay?" drama where everyone wanted him to make some kind of big announcement and he wouldn't, I loved that he stuck to his guns for so long. It's so funny, I still cannot take to his voice but I'm starting to love the fuck out of him as a person.

Aww. Makes me happy to hear that, bb. :)

Edited at 2009-12-03 05:31 pm (UTC)

Yeah, they're really going out of their way to punish him. :(

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