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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Slip right into your stripper shoes.
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I made like, 1,200 screencaps from Adam's For Your Entertainment video. Then I narrowed them down to a few hundred, then I narrowed them down to these...

Sexy Vampire

"Whoooo aaaaaare you?"

I love these distorted camera angles. So cool.

Vogue, vogue, vogue...

Boy touching. Yay. (Not enough, but A for effort.)

This is just cause I love her expression. She has a great face.

"Come on and follow me."

My favorite girl again.

Adam, this boy wants attention.

"What you talkin' bout, willis?"

Scene from the sex tape?

Is that the elusive Adam booty I see?

Boy really knows how to work that pimp cane, if ya know what I mean...

No words. UNF.

Drop it like it's hot.

Um. I need a moment.

Who needs porn?

Showing off his snake, if ya know what I mean. Yes, I'm using that joke again. Gotta problem with that?

I feel like not enough emphasis has been given to the fact that he's kneeling on the floor with his legs open and shaking his ass.


Isn't this glass with faucets thingy cool? I want it.


How so pretty? I hate him.

These next 5 or six screencaps are the coolest.

Tell me this isn't a brilliant shot. I'm making it my wallpaper.

He could do epic battle scenes. Ridley Scott, get on that.

Intense face is intense.


The people in the audience are now pregnant. And so are you.

He reminds me of Elvis here.


Okay, my mind is in a very happy place right now.

Another scene from the sex tape? UNFFFFF.

Jaw porn.

Somebody's having fun. I think the fact that he's groping his bassist's ass has something to do with it.


And I'm done.

I also couldn't resist making this.

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Do you happen to have this song I can bum off you? *puppy eyes*

Of course, my favorite thing is the tree boa LOL, but Adam does look hot. He's not hotter than you, though.

I do! Here you go:

You need to check out the album, it's awesome. :D

That boa is so pretty. It's the same one that's with him on the Rolling Stone cover. They're buddies, lol.

Aww, you lie! But thanks for saying it.

Thank you! *smooches* I have a rule that I have to previously hear and really like at least four songs off an album before I buy it. I'm cheap poor like that.

Is it his snake, or just a loaner? I ask because they're not cheap snakes, and they're usually kind of snappish (and if you've seen their teeth, that's no small thing!).

Pish. You know you're one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. ♥

I'm uploading the rest of the songs for you. I'm pretty sure you will like at least four. ;) Yeah, I don't buy albums except if it's from someone I stan or I really love most of the songs. Being poor sucks.

It's not his. Not sure if it's a friend's. How expensive are we talking? Really? They don't look that threatening. He's brave for having it on his crotch on that cover then, LOL.

Aww. And you're the sweetest I know, so there.

Whee, musics! :D

Comparatively speaking they're not really expensive, just not cheap (a.k.a. my price range). The hatchlings average around $600. They start out usually red or yellow, and then slowly turn green as they mature. They're not mean, just highly reactive. They eat birds, so they have to be fast, and their teeth are long compared to most other snakes. That one has obviously been handled quite a bit. :)

Songs are here:

Sorry I didn't put them on a zip file. I thought about it too late.

Wow, that is expensive. :/

DAYUM!! The cane especially is killing me;

Have you seen the video? If not you need to see it STAT. Yeah, that cane was a really nice touch.

OH YEAH. I've seen the video at least a dozen times by now. It's pretty mesmerizing.

Good. I've watched it like 400 a few times, too.

Dear Adam, please stop being so hawt.


Oh my gosh, thanks so much! I loved your commentary too.

I'm having a reallllllly shitty day and this totally changed my mood. Thanks again.

Aww, I'm glad I helped make your day a bit less shitty. :hugs:

Thanks for commenting!

YAY! I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING THIS POST! mmmmmmm Adam smirk is my favorite.

TOMMY! He's so damn cute. And the smirky pic of Adam grabbing his ass is fantastic. He's damn proud of himself in those shots. :D

LOL, yes! He's like "I'm grabbing my hot bassist, bitches!"

These are so fantastic! Thanx for sharing. ♥

I would read so much fic about this video, not gonna lie. I mean, he totally needs to be an EVIL SEXY VAMPIRE LORD!!! Or something. Every time I watch it, I get so distracted by his pimp cane.

This one could be about the video if you squint.: We Are Not Your Friends (we are here to eat you)

It's a True Blood crossover, but it's not necessary to have watched the show (I haven't). It works well with the imagery from the video

Edited at 2009-12-16 02:45 am (UTC)

OMG, that was awesome! Thanks! I've watched enough True Blood to know who everyone is at least, lol. Vampire!Adam = hot.

wish you posted more about stuff I actually know.. *frustrated*.. yeah, i'm just sorry i can't comment more around here :(

Aw, I'm sorry sweetie. I have such a one track mind, it's not even funny. I promise I'm going to make a multi-subject post soon. Hopefully there will be something that interests you.

oh don't worry.. seriously, you post about what you like.. I was just explaining why I can't comment much :)

I'm not into his looks much still but I think his personality and his album are absolutely splendid

Oh, you like the album? That's awesome! :D

I prefer his voice when it's a bit more restrained so I really dig the album

I agree, he tends to go too OTT on some of his live performances, but I was very pleased with his vocals on the album.

I never am a fan when people oversing (it's why I'll never like Whitney Houston), I always think less is more, and that's just what his album is. And then he pulls out that range in small doses so that it can really knock your socks off.

Thank you for these! Some truly EPIC moments there, and I love some of the collage-y ones. And, of course... ever-lovin' UUUUNNNNFF!!!!

Wow! Thankyou for all your hard work spent making these screencaps bb! You are awesome! :D

You mentioned making 1,200 and then narrowed them down? I don't suppose you kept them all even if you didn't upload them all? I was wondering if you had many more that had Tommy in the frame? I'm working on a Tommy/Atom photobucket and one of the things on my list was FYE screencaps and when I found out someone had already made see where I'm going here right lol?

If you do have some, I would be so grateful if you could send me them. I would be sure to credit you for them. Please let me know. Tyfyt! :)

Aww, you're welcome bb.

You're in luck! I just barely saved these from the recycle bin, LOL. Here's a zip file with the screencaps from the performance part of the vid (I think that's the part Tommy's in, right?):

Do whatever you want with them, no credit necessary. :)

Wow, thanks for the download link! I guess I commented just in time for you to save them, very lucky lol! Guess it was meant to be :) Yes, he was in the performance half and I always credit if I can so will add your name to the Description part of the image :) Thanks again for this. x

thank you for these, I borrowed a few, v hot, yes, better than porn fo sho

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