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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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In honor of plumsuede I've added a new interest to my list: mind-numbing sexual tension . Just because I love her and I'm weird like that. And cos mind-numbing sexual tension is a good thing.

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i love you. don't tell anybody, but I think i am writing one right now!!!!!!!!!!!

just a ficlet.....

Oooooooooooo... a sooooooper sekrit ficlet!

With lots of mind numbing sexual tension?

yes, my mind is so numb, i can't feel nuthin'

I just changed all my user info...
go look at it and laugh
I will go back to my sexual healing
maybe I will finish tonight!

AKA: The Keepers of the Key to my Mind-Numbing Sexual Tension Vault

Bwahahahahahaaaa! ♥

Looking forward to it! :D

I am almost done with this fic. If you email me at, I will let you do a quick pre-read. I kind of want a couple of opinions on this before I post it. thnx-plum

I think all of us who are addicted to plumsuede!fic already qualify to add that interest!

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