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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Creative little bee
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OMG I just finished making my first video in forever. Thanks Aaron and Ezri for inspiring it. Of course, it's about an angsty as hell movie with a nonexistent fandom. Go me and my strange obsessions.

Don't know if I'll even upload it as YouTube loves to delete my videos because of their copyright infringement bs. Anyone know of any other video upload sites more sympathetic to creative expression?

Also, Ran Danker now tops my list of the hottest people in the universe.

I mean. I'm sure we all look this good straight out of bed.

Neck/chest/scruff. Guh.

Can't go wrong with the guitarist-mid-orgasm face.

Eyeglasses kink alert.

Eyeglasses + cigarette = spontaneous combustion

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your rec got the better of me and i actually watched this movie. it was painful but i totally understood the dilemma, etc. he really is gorgeous!

Hey! Thanks for letting me know that you checked it out. Yeah, it's heartbreaking.

Ikr? ♥


I want to do wicked things to him and to his hair in particular.

LOL, believe me, I know what you mean.

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