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p&p: sisters (jane and lizzie)
Meet my tiny, tiny nephew, Marcos.

He's doing well, although he'll have to be in NICU for at least a couple of months. Sadly, his brother didn't make it. He only lived for a few hours after birth because his lungs didn't develop. :(

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He's adorable! I'm sorry for your other nephew. I hope Marcos will be fine!

What a darling and joy to help your family through the loss of your other nephew. Happy thoughts and crossed fingers for all of you. :)

Oh gosh. I hope he'll continue to get stronger! Sending good thoughts your way. I'm sorry that your other nephew didn't make it.

I'm sorry for the loss, but thrilled for little Marcos. All my love to them and you, congrats! ♥

He's absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations aunty.
I'm so so sorry for the loss of your other nephew. :(
Did they name him yet? *hug*

Thanks Cee! :hugs:

My sister wanted to name him Mateo.

I'll light a candle for Mateo.

Hello Marcos! ♥♥

I'm sorry that his brother didn't make it.

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