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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Attempt at a B/J ficlet.
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It' s really short. I wrote it about three days ago and I've been changing stuff since then. It could have benefitted from a beta, but I didn't want to bother anyone for something so puny and well, short. And I'll stop before this gets longer than the "fic".

"Well, believe me Mr. Kinney, that is the least of your imperfections."

He says it, and despite the intensity of the moment, and the fact that I feel like shit, I can't help but smile. Because right then, I remember everything... How he used to call me that before, once upon a time, after the first time he left m... after the first time I drove him away. When the same persistent little twat was trying to worm his way back into my life, using every trick in his book. He's still the same, except he's not a kid anymore. I guess that's a big difference.

Only an instant goes by as the words sink in, but my mind relives how fucking good it was to hold him again, to kiss him again. And Christ yes, to fuck him again. How I couldn't -didn't want to- stop. I pretend to resist just a little more, telling him that maybe he should have left, but deep down I know I need him in my life so badly. As the last resource, I'd probably do anything; swallow my pride, drop down on my knees and beg him to return... But thankfully, it's simpler and more dignified than that. All it takes is to get back in bed and eat some fucking chicken soup.

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Ohhh, I like! ♥ Really, it's nicely shmoopy without being overdone - love the last two sentences especially. :)

(Did he smile in that scene, though? *needs to rewatch*)

Thanks for the feedback... Phew, I was afraid it was a bit TOO schmoopy.

Do rewatch, but I think yes,, there is the smallest, blink and you miss it smirk/smile in that scene.

He DOES smile just the slightest bit after that line, and I have always loved it, and always wondered what would have gone through Brian's mind at that moment.

Great start!

I LIKE!!! It's really well-written shmoop, which one can NEVER have enough of. And yes he did give a little smile, but more along the lines of the patented Brian Kinney smirk.

Ohhhh, MISTER Kinney... *happy sigh* ♥♥♥ The entire last paragraph is great, and to me that's going to be exactly what was going through Brian's mind at that moment.

More? Please? *and I'd be glad to look over anything if you ever want another POV :)*

The entire last paragraph is great, and to me that's going to be exactly what was going through Brian's mind at that moment.

Thanks so much for that Lucie! And for the offer to beta; I certainly plan to take you up on it.

lovely! I always felt really ripped off by that scene, just when Justin gets to the bed and sits down it's over! *sobs* Thanks for filling in what Brian was thinking, I will adopt it and love it forever! <3

Meep... I love you so. Thanks Veda!!!

Junie-That was great--better than great--spot on. I loved that. It moved me. The conflict inside B was everywhere. I could feel his struggle and his pleasure at the same time. Yum-my. Thank you.

I'll be glad to beta anything for you if you want. :-)

Seriously, seriously, thank you Plum! It's so encouraging for me to know that you think it's good. Cos you already know how much I respect your work... *is a helpless fangirl*

Thanks for the offer! You'll regret it... ;)

Re: *bows* I'm not worthy!

I will not regret it! I enjoy it. Write girl, write.

This is really good! *g* Thanx for sharing it with us gurl! Hope you do more! :D

Thank you Elsa! My muse is very lazy and doesn't come by very often... but I'll try to keep writing as much as I can. :)

Awwwww. *sniff* The love! And the sadness! And the Brian-fucked-upedness. :) I love it.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

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