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B/J video
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I've made a video. It had been a long time since I did one, but I was listening to this song yesterday and I suddenly felt the need.

Warnings: Schmoopy, cheesy and angsty as hell. Probably the vid equivalent of bad!fic. And I cried while making it for some reason.

It's supposed to be Brian's POV. The song is by Heart. All scenes from QaF season 2. Windows Media file - more or less 37 MB.

Want You So Bad (right click + save as, please)

Comments are a good thing.

ETA: This is a Brian/Justin video. Rating: NC-17ish

Edited again on 5/27/05 to provide permanent link. I'm SO sorry the file is so huge. I deleted the smaller version from my puter a few months ago. :der:

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That is very, very cool, hon. The song just fits. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you for watching, Dawn! Heart rules. :D

You're very welcome, hon. Hard to resist B/J! :P

Well, they're not exactly U2, but then, who is? ;) However, they're right up there with my all-time favorite bands!

Same here! But NO one comes close to U2!!! :)


I'm dling... thanks! I'll see it later... <3

OK! Let me know what you think after you watch it, if you have a chance. :)

El video es muy bueno.. le daría 8 de 10... realmente bonito y romántico ... deberías hacer más en el futuro, ok?

Muchas gracias <3

Gracias a tí por verlo y comentar! :)

omg I love it! s2 is my FAVORITE season and you captured the love AND the angst so well (and the hotness, omg)! *loves* Thank you for sharing!! ♥

Wow, thanks for the great feedback Veda! ♥ you!

Angst is my thing. ;)

Soo excited when i saw you had made another vid, it's been too long! I really like the way you vid and wish you would make more, I liked this one but my fav is still the last one you made. Please please continue vidding your good!

Do you mean Lovefool? Yeah, that's my fave that I've made so far too. Thanks for your kind words, as always! I'm honored. :D

Yes Lovefool would be the one :)
My dear i give you kind words because you deserve them :)

I like! The song is perfect! I was watching 218 & 219 last night, btw. Freaky. What is so freaky about that vid is that it shows how totally in love B was with J in his "no I'm not" way in S2. ::heart broken:: They just could not communicate. ::pain:: I mean if a man can't show you he loves you by slamming you up against a pole and forking your brains out, then what?? What more do you need?? Nothing says love to me than a hard, fast, fuck with no talking and lots of heavy panting. Nothing! Plummy

Ok you have been writing way too much woo hoo.

Nobody asked you, beta-biatch.

Yo bitches, tear each other's hair out later. ;)

I'd just always wanted to say that.

omg, I laughed so loud when I saw that!
That was so perfect!

You give the best feedback... *hugs*

I mean if a man can't show you he loves you by slamming you up against a pole and forking your brains out, then what?? What more do you need??

Nothing. If Brian for some reason decided to fuck me against a pole, I would consider my life to be complete; a full circle, hasta la vista, amigos.

Thanks Plum... I like that you liked. :)

Very well done June, I just love the schmoopy ones. Especially when there is a good song to go with it. I'm working on one right now, hopefully it will be just as schmoopy.

Thank you kinneytay!!! Looking forward to your new vid! :D

OMG! Ok, usually i blame the S2 break-up on both Brian and Justin, because lets face it, they both did some STUPID, STUPID, STUPID (...stupid!) things at the end of that season, thats for sure.

But this vid...GUH! Makes me say "WHY, JUSTIN, WHYYYYYYY".

Oh, Brian! My poor woobie!

Great job! I'm gonna watch again! Woot! :D



Aww, thanks so much for your wonderful comments!

Re-watching is the sincerest form of flattery... ;)

This vid is absolutely beeaaauutiful, darling. Poor, poor Brian, he just loves Justin to bits doesn't he, and can't bring himself to tell him, stupid git!

The song is perfect for how Brian obviously felt about Justin during that season 2 and now I can't stop playing the bloody thing. That kiss at the end, my god. Just wonderful. Just bloody breathtaking, thank you.

Wow, thanks so much for your compliments! Really, you just made my day. :D I'm very happy you enjoyed it.

You wanted a more detailed account of the glitches - I don't think I have this on my harddrive anymore - it was glitches of sinlge frames here and there - watch it slow - you might catch them - but that was it :)

Ah, I see. Well, thanks for taking the time to reply. :) I'll be more careful with that the next time.

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