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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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B/J video/slideshow, angsty as hell (My first vid)
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The song is U2's version of Can't Help Falling in Love. Coincidentally, I saw a video the other day with the same song but by Richard Marx. U2's version is darker and not as sweet, in my opinion, but I really like it. I was going for a different look from the other videos I have seen. I'd really like to know your opinions.

Can't Help Falling In Love (right click + "save target as" please)

Edited on 5/27/05 to add permanent link.

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Well I tried and tried, but was unable to download your vid. So I'll just have to go without. However, the good news is that whilst I was here have a nose in your journal (LOL) I came across your fic. So I stayed and read from 1-6, caught the link to BJFic and read chapter 7 and really, really enjoyed it.

I don't really go on to the BJFic website that often so that's probably how I missed it. But I must say I really don't understand why you don't like it and think it's isn't very good. It really gripped me. I don't write fiction (unfortunately no talent), but I do read or at least try to read, an awful lot of fic in this fandom, and let me tell you a hell of a lot of it is rubbish! LOL

I liked it because I quite like AU stories, I don't like Brian and Justin completely out of character, just the same or very similar personalities, but in different situations and circumstances. So yes, loved it, and can't wait to read more! LOL

Sorry I didn't get to see your vid though.

Bummer. :( I really had not used that site for files before, only pics, so I don't know if it's usually that difficult to download files from there. Thanks for trying though!

And... thanks so much for your comments on the fic! You've made my day! :) I'm really struggling to keep going. Working on (what I think will be) the last chapter at the moment.

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