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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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The Movie of your Life Meme
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Nicked from </a></b></a>nini_darko

Who would play you?: Nicole Kidman with a fat suit. LOL Strong, determined, somewhat distant and mysterious, but fun anyway
Who would play your three closest friends?:
Zulma - Moira Kelly coz she looks like her.
Jenny - Thea Gill because her voice reminds me of Jenny, sweet and calm
Camelis - Someone elegant and charming, like Catherine Zeta-Jones
Who would play the obligatory love interest?: I've only been in love with this one guy and he looks like the guy from A Walk to Remember... don't know what the actor's name is
Gratuitous Celeb-cameo: Bono would be... Bono ;)
What would the movie be called?: 8 by 8 (lol... bet you can't guess why...)
Genre: drama
What would it be rated?: R
Who would direct it?: Peter Jackson


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