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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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I might as well give this s**t a try.

Got up. Washed my face and went to town with Mami to mail some packages.

Got a bunch of goodies in the mail, including CD's full of Larry pics. Spent half a day looking at his perfect face and hoping. Imagining stuff. Yummy stuff with Larry. Heard him singing a song... He sounded sexy and funny. God, I want a guy who's sexy and funny like him.

I've been thinking about my attitude towards work a lot. Lately I've been such a bitch, now I see it. I think I was blaming everybody there for how much I hate my job. It's no one's fault, they don't have to pay. And if I had to stay there for a while, why make my life miserable, as well as other people's?

I think he is changing too... could be a coincidence.


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