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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Some, well, many "My Own Private Idaho" screencaps cause I'm in love. It's such a beautiful, sad movie and River was so good in it.

Beautiful River

Yum. LOL at the text on the covers.

I'm lusting after a dead guy. *is so going to hell*

I loved this scene. Scott (Keanu) never has sex with Mike (River), though. They were just pretending. :|

Keanu in a slave collar makes me so horny.

The campfire scene has to be the best acted, most hearbreaking thing I've ever seen. River Phoenix shoud have gotten an Oscar just for that bit of film, because he was brilliant. I'm such a fan of unrequited love.

I think Gus Van Sant did a great job with the sex scenes. Instead of showing the action, so to speak, they were like real time "still" shots. Don't know if that makes sense. Anyhoo, that guy in the middle was a weirdo but I'm including this pic because of the way Scott is looking at Mike.



Makes me think of Marlon Brando and James Dean.


Another favorite scene.

What a face.

Went looking and found a grand total of one MOPI fic. Great. :|

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I think I watched this film about 10 years ago, such a great film, beautiful pictures, thank you soo much for posting them. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT TOOK YOU THIS LONG TO SEE THIS FILM!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it either!!! :D


I think I want this movie.

I'm with Cat, I must see this movie! Methinks I might just stop at the video store tonight! ;)

I just told my husband that it's out on DVD. I think we'll be renting it (IF my lame Blockbuster store has it) soon.
River and Keanu look so beautiful!
Oh River, may you rest in peace.

River and Keanu look so beautiful!

I agree.

Oh River, may you rest in peace.

:sigh: Yes, such a talented young man.

I too Junie have yet to see this movie....thanks for the picspam. I will definitely see it soon.

I don't want to admit that i too need to see this film *meep* and I'm like TEH biggest Keanu fan EVER, Lmao. Well anyway, it's number one in my netflix queue now thanks to your GORGEOUS picspam!! Thanks Junie!!!! I'll let you know when I see it!! ♥

You're welcome Veda! Glad you liked the pics. I have a feeling you'll really like this movie. I could be wrong.... we'll see.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
MUST see this again NOW! Thanks so much for sharing!

May I steal some of those pics for iconizing?

You're welcome.

Sure! No need to ask. :)

When "Idaho" first came out it seemed very daring, a little bizarre and certainly risque for 1991. Today not so much so. You can always count on Van Sant to push the envelope in a provocative manner. He caught Phoenix and Reeves in a fascinating relationship even if sometimes it was uncomfortable to watch. Thanks so much for posting the pics. They take me back.

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