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Garden State is a fucking great movie. And the music in it is really cool too. I love feel good movies that are not cheesy.

ETA: Walk in Fire by Doves rocks my socks.

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I haven't seen it yet. :/

It's like a romantic comedy/drama sort of thing but really understated and real... I give it two thumbs up. ;)

I remember seeing ads for it when it was in the theaters, and it looked good. I'll have to check it out!

*gasp!* Your ICON.

I've never seen that pic before! The man is sex on two legs.

I loved it too. I find myself laughing at random times, thinking about the dog scene.

Yes, *that* was really funny. LOL!

Haven't seen it. I'm actually too lazy to go rent it.

BTW, I just saw your userinfo, and you're from PR too!!! Yay!!! Oh, so few PRcans around the slash community. I'm so happy when I find one! ::waves::

Yay! Yes, there aren't a lot of us around.:) Thanks for friending me, I've friended you back.

Where exactly are you from in San Juan? If you don't mind saying, of course.

Rio Piedras, vivo en el expreso Trujillo Alto. Y tu?

Vivo en Naranjito, pero trabajo en Santurce. Así que te podrás imaginar el tapón que cojo todos los días.... UGH!

Me imagino! Yo trabajo en Plaza Escorial, menos de 15 mins... jejeje! En Borders, asi que si algun dia pasas por ahi, busca a una gordita por el nombre de Joanna. ;-)

De verdad que es way cool encontrar a otra slasher aqui, a la verdad que es bien dificil.

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