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Ugh... we're closing the month again at work. I just got home. It's 1:15AM, and I have to be up at 5:00AM. O_O Sorry I'll have to neglect you guys this week. It's not on purpose.

Oh, btw, I came up with a video just out of the blue yesterday! Funny how easily things get done when you're truly inspired. I've had several in the works for months and I got this one done in a matter of hours. All it needs are some finishing touches here and there. Can't wait until I have some time to do that and share it with you. ::hyper:: It's a Brian vid. Hehehe. Just cos I've been so in lust with him lately. I mean, more than I usually am. :p

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Can't wait to see the video and have some looooverrrrly Brian, I am in lust too!

I *think* I might be able to finish it tomorrow. *crosses fingers* :D

It's OK if you neglect us for a little while, just come back eventually! ;) And, can't wait to see your vid!

Hi! :) Vid will be up tomorrow, hopefully.

Hehe. I don't know any way I could be more in lust with Brian than I am. :D

Guh! What a gorgeous icon.

:D It's all in the guy on it. ;)

Well Junie, rest quickly and hurry the hell up with the bloody vid! I've been Gale lusting since first seeing him ahhh many moons ago so it seems!! HURRY!!!

Eek! Too tired to work on it today my dear. I just got home. But tomorrow, if all goes as planned, it should be up. :)

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