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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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The spinning instructor is the prettiest thing ever on QaF (other than Gale and Randy, of course). That is all.

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oh my god , i thought i was the only one!

Squeeee! Wonder if Brian fucked him as payment to let him use the spinning room after hours...

Horny huh? :P

Those tight pants make it even better.
Wonder if Brian fucked him as payment
Baha I'm pretty sure he did.

Yeah. It's not even funny. O_O

Someone should write us a little gapfiller about it. ::hyper::

Good Lord my child 0_0</>
The icon and everything.
You need to get laid!
or umm well, ya know.. heh, j/k

A while ago someone made a compilation vid of all the B/J sex scenes, but i can't find it anymore, damn.
It's soo what you need right now, lol.

I'm so stoopid lol.

Oh well, much more fun for the brainless.

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