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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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I ♥ my sister.
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They were talking about identity theft on the news this morning and she's like "I'm not worried about that. Who the fuck would want my identity?" LOL

Elsa (chiquis5784), here is one more Hush Hush song (I totally fell in love with them thanks to Particles of Truth): Never Your Fault. Let me know if you like that one and I'll upload more.

Also, the links to the two Particles of Truth songs I found are still working, so get them here while supplies last. Hee.

Sorry about last night's post. I should refrain from posting when I'm on the depths of despair. :hides:

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Much thanks to you and Elsa for the PoT songs! I already had "Life's What You Make It" - had that long before the movie was even made - but I had no idea how to identify or find the others. Good job!

Do *not* apologize for your post last night. I felt bad that you were obviously feeling bad, but you can post whatever you want in your LJ, and my personal opinion is that when you're feeling down, getting those feelings out one way or another helps take some of their power away. And posting to your LJ is certainly one of the safer ways of getting your feelings out. I have a filter specifically for trusted friends, and I usually filter those posts so only they seem them, but you can do whatever you're comfortable with. ::big hugs::

You're welcome!

And thanks for your words. And the hugs. *hugs back*

Thanx for the song! *likes lot* If you can upload the rest of songs by Hush Hush, can you place them in a zip file? It'll be alot easier, don't ya think? ;)

LOL... Sure. Em, how does one do that?

Glad you liked the song, btw.

LOL! Actually, i'm not quite sure myself. *blush* You might want to ask in a post on that. If you get info on it, plz let me know too! I'll really like to know how the zipping a file works. :p

I think I figured it out! It's really easy. You just select all the files you want on the zip folder, right click and click "send to --> Zipped (compressed) folder". That's it! :D Will upload the remaining songs soon.

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