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My turn with the Music Meme
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I was tagged by _penguinstyle & aurora_84, so here it goes.

  1. Total volume of music files on my computer: 5.72 GB

  2. Last CD I bought: Doves - Some Cities

  3. Last song I listened to before doing this meme: U2 - Dirty Day (Junk Day Mix)

  4. Five songs I listen to a lot:

  5. It changes... right now, though:
    Hush Hush - Razor Girl
    The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
    22-20s - Shoot Your Gun
    Delerium - Underwater
    Walter Egan - Magnet & Steel (thanks to KT)
  6. Five people I want to do this meme, if they feel like it and haven't done it already: Is there anybody left? Let's see...

(sorry if you've done it already...)

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YOUR ICON!!!! I still haven't seen that movie!

I knew I'd eventually get tagged. lol. Thanks for that. :P

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