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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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New QaF Video
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Hello! I'm considering taking a break from vid making for a while; I'm so burned out! So, this is sort of my farewell in the form of a very heartfelt tribute to Brian, Justin, and their love. No other screen couple has ever meant as much to me as these two beautiful guys. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Song: Tonight, Tonight
By: The Smashing Pumpkins
Pairing: B/J
Rating: R
Clips from seasons 1 - 4
Warnings: Extremely schmoopy. S4 spoilers.

Very special thanks to you, my dear vedaprophetVeda for beta-ing, squeeing, pimping and encouraging me. I love you. This is a slightly different version from the one you saw. I changed something and then the timing was off and it was a bitch to get it to look right again. I hope I didn't screw it up too badly and you still like it.

Please right click on the pic and "Save target as".

ETA: Permanent link added on 5/26/05

I'm sorry you're feeling burned out...I hope that with rest you'll return renewed and ready to share again, because your vids are always so wonderful.

And gorgeous! *Hearts you so hard*

Awwww sweetie this was great as usual!!!

I'm so burned out!

Take time off honey. You deserve to chill out and enjoy!!

Thank you sweetheart! *hugs*

omg Junie!! It's fucking fantastic!! omfg. I just, it makes me cry every single time!! GAH, the end, you put in the scene from 414!! *wailing* omg. I just ADORE this vid!! It's perfect!! *loves sooooo hard*

I'm sorry you're burned out babe. I hope you only need a v.v. short break!! xoxoxoxoxoxox *smooches and slips a lil tongue* :D

♥ ♥

Thanks sweetie!

*frenches* ;)

That was absolutely beautiful. ♥

Your timing is perfect and you clips choice is really "emotional", if you know what I mean...I really felt "THE LOVE" while I was watching...*sighs*

I also really love your "fading" from clip to clip, very smooth and clever (boys running/Brian running; boys smiling/boys smiling; kiss/kiss, etc...) and I adore the song...*misses the Smashing Pumpkins*

Amazing job, really. ♥

Aww, thanks Gio! I'm so happy you liked it! :D

OMG, Juniebug! That was so. fucking. cute! I loved it so much! First of all "Tonight Tonight" is one of my favorite songs ever, and it was perfect for B/J. And the scenes you used! SO PERFECT! I loved how it progressed from when they met, all the way through the seasons. Very nice. And it was just so good. ♥ ♥ ♥

First of all "Tonight Tonight" is one of my favorite songs ever, and it was perfect for B/J.

Isn't it one of the best songs ever? I just adore it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to download and comment. *loves*

Awwwwww, that's so sweet! :D

And, take a break, Junie. You deserve it! *hugs*

Thanks Dawn, my dear. :hugs:

OMG!!! This vid is just f*cking awesome! Wow, just wow.

Okay, first off, you used one of my favourite songs ever. Ever! It's such a B/J song and I'm really surprised no one had ever vidded to it before. So, this alone made this video rock.

And then omg the vid itself was nothing less than a work of art. I've been feeling QAF-burned out lately, and you totally rekindled my B/J love ♥

I love the clips you used - especially the evolution of the B/J relationship in the first minute and a half and the 122/101/314 clips throughout the entire vid. The blending of the clips was amazing, and omg the tempo/rhythm was just perfect. I love how you used the 202!blue!light!sex/lovemaking when it slowed down and then them running in the hospital/Brian running in the parking lot/reunion!sex when it started to speed up again. Oh, and the "we'll crucify the insincere tonight" was brilliant.

Sorry for rambling :)). Love your vid

*goes to watch for the third time*

And I'm sorry you feel burned out... *hugs*

Wow, thanks for the AWESOME feedback! ♥ *hugs back* *prints out your comment and keeps it for a rainy day*

Sorry for rambling :)). Love your vid

Are you kidding? Feel free to go on... :p

Thanks again!

I LOVE YOU! You managed to consolidate EVERY SINGLE CUTE MOMENT B/J have ever had into one CRAZY BEAUTIFUL VIDEO!

I was like, bouncing and acting generally undignified watching it. Great job!

Your feedback made me smile.

I was like, bouncing and acting generally undignified watching it.

That was just the reaction I was going for... ;) Thanks so much!

Uhhh! AMAZING! And you used some of the most beautiful B/J scenes!!!

And I love that song. Thank goodness you vidded it! :)

Thanks, my dear m4tth3w! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Great job Junie. Loved the song. Rest now, we will need more.

Where ya been??? I miss you :(


This vid is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cuts of Brian running in the hospital with the garage WERE FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE REC'ING THIS ONCE I RECOVER.

Thanks my dear Sugar Plum! Much love. ♥

I thought you did a very good job there!!!!!!! I wasn't able to download you last video the link was down :(

Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

About the other vid, do you have a Gmail account that I could send it to? If not, I can upload it again.


OMG that was beautiful, Junie! I love the song, for starters, and the clips you chose we're just gorgeous! And I love that the 122 prom dance was in time with the song. Wonderfully done, hon!

I'm sorry your burned out though, I know what its like to get so involved and frustrated over a project and it makes you just need a rest from it. *hugs* Your work is appreciated though, hon. Seriously, its brilliant.

Off I go to watch again! <3

Thank you so much, sweetie! *big hugs*

Late to the party again junie, sorry about that. But this video is absolutely amazing, your best yet, beautiful, beautiful b/j scenes. Really loved it, thank you.

Made me feel very sad to read your thoughts about being burned out and this being a tribute. I just feel as though it's all over before it's all over, if you can understand me. Take a break june, become a lurker for a while and recharge your batteries. Then you can come back feeling fresh and new again! LOL

Thank you for the video it's a beauty.


Aww, you're not that late. ;)

Thanks so much for your feedback. And I think I'm going to take your advice. But I suspect I'll get a sudden urge to vid at around May 22nd or so...

This is your best one yet, sweetie, really lovely.


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