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It's that time of the month again when my little friend comes to visit when I have to work LONG HARD hours (minus the help of B/J to get me through). So I expect lots of fics, icons, vids, etc... waiting for me back at RL LJ-land.

Before I go,

I love this color on him.

I don't know why, but the wetness combined with part of his LONG, LONG leg peeking out of the water like that makes me really, really hot. Can you imagine those legs wrapped around you in a bathtub? *dies*

He's got kind of an after-sex look to him, doesn't he? Or am I just horny? Probably the latter.

Oh, btw, I know I promised to help you with something, on_the_ground. I will get to it sometime this week.

Love you all!

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Don't worry .. I can wait :)

I soooo love the first pic.. OMG he's too beautiful there and I agree about the color! <3

I made a post with the info on the filters. :)

Oh, junie, couldn't agree more about those long, long, legs!

Oh, god he's hot in the first pic. Someone bring *that* man back to the 'red carpet'.

Gale in brown is the way it should be. I'm email you about the vid!!

Drooling over 1st pic. Drooling! Damn him for being straight... *grumble grumble*

Come back to the land of make-believe LJ soon! I have three fics in the works but I'm just SO tired...

*Licks Gale pictures*


You have the *best* picspam!...


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