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I get by with a little help from my flist
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Does anyone know of a free (or incredibly cheap), good (or at least okay) webhosting service? I want to put up my vids permanently somewhere but I don't want to spend too much on it. I don't care if it's ad supported but I would prefer no pop-ups.

Btw, still trying to catch up. Spend a couple of days away from this place and the posts multiply like bad!fics on LOL. That was lame. I need to sleep!!!

And also, this song rules. :drools:

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Junie, you might try looking at Bravenet, or POW WEB (that's who I use)
Good luck.

Thanks KT, will check those out. although I got too many hits and they shut me down, but I know many who have never had a problem

Thanks carr0ts. Love your icon!

I tried lots of free webhosting and came to the conclusion that it's ALL crap.

So I broke down and got one that's 7.95/month.

Anyway. I'll host some of yours if you want. I never use up my bandwidth.

$7.95 a month is not so bad. How much space do you get? I currently pay $6.00 a month for Boomspeed and it's 100 MB.

Aww, thanks for the offer! :hug: I'd rather not bug you with it though!

Yikes! 100mb is not that much compared to the one I'm on. I did some shopping around and found a few webgeek sites and they consistently praised two companies above all others.

Midphase was the one I picked: Can't remember the other one.

I have 1500 mbs, but now they're offering 3000 for the same 7.95/month price, plus a free domain name and unlimited email and stuff. The file manager is easy to use, but I recommend downloading one of those simple free FTP-uploading programs to get your videos up. You can upload on the site, but it takes SOOOOO LOOOONG if it's something as big as a video.

I stored all of my favorite B/J clips so they weren't taking up computer space. And I haven't even come close to using up all of my space. I don't even bother remembering how much my bandwidth is, because whenever I check it's used like, 1% of it, heh. But then, I don't know how much video downloads would take up :) You should ask one of the vidders who has a website how much bandwidth they use up.

Wooops, sorry I didn't see this reply before. Thanks for the info!

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