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Friend Groups (filters) in 8 (easy?) steps by The Lady in Pearls.
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For on_the_ground & anyone else interested.

Step One: From the "User Info" page go to "Manage --> Friends".

Step Two: Go to the "Edit Friends Groups" link.

Step Three: Click on the "New" button. As you can see, I have some groups created. You probably won't have anything on the boxes.

Step Four: When you click on the "New" button, you'll get the following prompt. Type in the name you want for the group of friends (QaF people, Spoilers, etc...) and click "OK".

Step Five: Choose the people you want on the filter (group). Just for the sake of this guide I created a group called "Crazy People". Members picked randomly, I swear. Hee. From the "Not in group" column, highlight the people you want in the group and click on the arrows poiting to the right. If you accidentally add someone you didn't want to add to that particular group, highlight the person on the "In group" column and click on the arrows pointing left (back to the "Not in group" column).

Note: You can choose to make the group private (no one can see the group but you) or puplic (your friends can see you have that group and who's in it) by clicking on the "Public" or "Private" buttons at the bottom. However, if you don't choose anything, the groups will be private by default.

Step Six: When you're done adding or removing people from the group, click on the "Save Changes" button.

So, that part's done.

Now I'll show you how to update so that only your chosen groups can see the posts.

Step Seven: On the "Update Journal" page, choose "Custom" from the "Security" drop-down menu.

Step Eight: When you choose "Custom", the friend groups you've created will be displayed. Just put a checkmark on the group(s) you want to see your post and update your entry as usual.

It's a snap! :p Now go! Exclude people!

Any additional questions, let me know and I'll try my best to help.

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Why am I not in the Crazy People example filter, what else do I need to do?


Woops. Excuse the oversight. *adds* ;)


Hoping I'm already on your exclusive list of crazy people.

Ohh is that how to do it! Thanks babes!!

Oh god, this explanation is so greeeeeat! Thanks ... maybe I'll make several filters.. like for qaf, spanish things/scans and music... that way I don't bother people. But I think can't ask since is not a paid account so i'll just assume things...

I'm gonna add you to only filter of personal stuff if I do it now... but tell me if you want to be out of it, ok?

Thanks! :)

You're welcome! I'm glad to be of help.

Sí, por favor inclúyeme! Me gusta estar al tanto de lo que está pasando en las vidas de todos mis amigos, aunque no simpre se me ocurre qué comentar...

Ok.. ya te había incluido... y a más gente q igual ni quiere .. ni idea... en fin, tampoco es q piense contar mucho pero si va y me apetece decir lo q sea pues al menos ya puedo... la verdad es q no he escrito sobre mi casi nunca así q puede q alguien sí se entere de algo más... ya veremos..

Gracias :)

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