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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Man. I can't seem to stay away from this place. O_O

Thing is, mamafunny2000 is looking for a song that the lovely carr0ts1979 used for her latest and OH-SO-COOL Brian vid; song which was in turn suggested to her by plumsuede (I don't know how she knows so many great songs... it's almost scary). So, I looked for it and found it. And can't stop listening to it. Here it is, for mamafunny2000 and anyone else who wants: Climax Blues Band - Couldn't Get It Right

I'm sure there was a simpler way to say that. :/

Back to my pseudo-break. :p

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Can I just say 1. How EXCITING it is just to be skimming through my flist and all of a sudden see a post FOR ME! OMG! So, so, so, so exciting!
And 2. OMG THANK YOU FOR THE SONG! I absolutely love it - I've just been playing the vid over and over, listening to the song while I'm doing stuff around the house! Of course, I do stop fairly often and actually watch it too! It's such brilliance!
So, thank you to plumsuede for originally rec'ing the song, to carr0ts1979 for making the vid to go with the cool song and last, but certainly not least, to mirror_mirror for her tireless quest to find the song so that I didn't have to get off my lazy ass and actually look for it myself could have it too!

Aww! *adores you* You're very welcome! :) Isn't it a great song??? I've been playing it non-stop for a while.

yes, it is the greatest song EVA. it is THE brian kinney song and it was written when Brian Kinney was like 2. jkasfjkafjkafjkfjkafjklafjklsdfajklafjdksajklfjklasjfkl;sjafkldsfjkl;.


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