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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Coffee and croutons are a strangely good combination.

Also, I found some fabulous naked Gale pics last night! And then I woke up. :(

Oh and I did this (click) for no reason other than I've been obsessed with Vampire!Brian ever since I saw that scene. Hehe. Any vampire fics I should read? I read one by josselin, I think, which was awesome. And one by seperis. Unfortunately, all the other ones I've read have been... not so good.

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Are the croutons IN the coffee?

Yeah, with the fat floating all over it... :p

Nah, I just found one of those little bags they give you with the salads in fast foods, and I munched on those while drinking my coffee. I'm hungry, can you tell? And there are no groceries.

Okay, that works. I was afraid we might have to stage an intervention! ;-)

Those teeth are scary, well sort of ;)


Well, he was making sort of a scary face. But he can come and spook me any time... :p


Let's not forget that he can bite us anytime he want ;)

have you read this?

or this? (to view this site you need to turn your text view down to small apparently...)


and also: i HATE croutons...! Blech! Go to the grocery! ;))

i wasn't trying to use my shut up icon either, btw. damn my scrolly mouse...! heh.


LOL. Aww! *pets* No worries. ;)

Yeah, the first one is the one by Seperis that I read, and I didn't like the second one. :/ Thanks for the links though!

i figured you'd say that...heh.

hmm. looks like if we want more vamp!brian, we'll hafta write it ourselves...! :-P

Vampire Brian! Yay! Personally, I have this (shameful) desire to see a Qaf/Buffy crossover. Slayer!Justin + Vamp!Brian = OTP. For reals.

OMG Someone needs to write that for us!!!

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