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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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"The Abernathy Trilogy" related request
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I'm almost done reading "Abandon" and I can't find "America" anywhere (Kristen's site is down), so would anyone be so kind as to e-mail it to me, if you have it saved on your computer? Thanks flamencanyc!!! My e-mail address is: little . stranger @ gmail . com (minus the spaces).

Also, I'm looking for two more of her fics; "Three Days" and "Glory", so I'd really appreciate it if someone could send me those as well.

Oh, and one more thing... I don't have Word on my computer, so please send them on Rich Text format, if possible... Nevermind, I think I can open them anyway. :)

ETA: I'm refreshing qaf_daily like whoa. O_O

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ETA: I'm refreshing qaf_daily like whoa. O_O

I don't like them??? Don't get me wrong, he's the most gorgeous being ever but the these pics don't do a thing for me. They're not "him" and the poses all seem so very wrong. Am I nuts? teeheehee

Bobby, on the hand...LOOKS GREAT!!

LOL! Can't say I agree but you're entitled to your own likes and dislikes.


Well DUH!! I know but I was looking "ALL" of him LOL!!!

(Deleted comment)
Can you open files archived with StuffIt? If so I can privately send you the whole series as html files archived into one file.

I'm not sure... but I'm willing to give it a try, if not too much trouble!

Do you still need "Three Days" and "Glory"?

Where would you like me to send them? And can you open ZIP files?

Yes, I can open zip files. And my address is:

Thank you!

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