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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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*fingers crossed*
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I think I just got a great deal on (hopefully) authentic Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 software. Now the dilemma is if I should wait for the software to arrive to make that B/J vid I want to make, or just use my old, OLD software. It's coming all the way from the UK. Could take forever. :sighs: What to do?

I hate not being a native English speaker. It really gets in the way of my writing. I sometimes have to use so many words to say the most simple things just because I can't find the right word or phrase. I tried writing in Spanish first and then translating but it was three times the work and the end result was not very good. It's not the same translating an essay than dialogue from characters who speak English. *iz frustrated*

LOL, that just reminded me of terrible but hilarious it was to watch the Spanish dubbed QaF episodes. :lmao:

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That's what good betas are for!

I know. :D It's just... the words don't flow. There's nothing to beta!

Wow Junie, I would have never guessed that English was not your primary language!
Have you phone posted before? I'd love to hear you talk - rawrr! ♥

Aww, thanks!

I (fake)phone posted a long time ago. Maybe I'll do another one soon, just for you.

Now I have a strange urge to hunt down Spanish QAF. And maybe German, because I speak German and I think it would be HILARIOUS!

Why hasn't anyone posted some clips of foreign language QaF yet?! I think that some peeps in fandom seriously need a laugh :).

Great idea! Will do that soon. :)

I could make a clip. They use *the* most awful voice for Brian.

That sounds exciting to get new vidding software on a great deal! Although you'll then have to figure out all the new, fancy schmancy features. If the vid you plan to do is what you consider the ultimate b/j clip, I guess you could wait.

PS I have several non-native-English speakers on my FList who write fic. That's why they have betas. They write in English better than many of those on bjficnet who are most probably American ;).

PS I have several non-native-English speakers on my FList who write fic. That's why they have betas.

Yeah, but I get frustrated and the story won't flow. It's hard to explain. :sigh:

Don't mind me too much... PMS.

Ooooh new vid!! Can't wait sweetness!!!!

That's where betas are a thing a beauty -- if you ever need one let me know. I beta occassionally and also have a great beta myself that might be willing to help you.

Thanks for the offer sweetie. xoxox

(Deleted comment)
:D A couple of people have offered to beta for me, so I think that will be good for my writing. :)

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