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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Some progress...
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Finally did something with the layout and colors. Can't believe I still had that fucking UGLY fucsia background. Let's see if this motivates me to post more often.

I am "so pathetic"... Can't believe the highlight of my weekend is QaF tonight. And then it's back to work tomorrow. Hate it hate it hate it hate it HATE IT.

Read too many B/J, G/R fics today. Hope that will result in some interesting dreams tonight. Too many of them mentioned the word "bones" for my liking, though. It always makes me think of bones breaking and it totally turns me off. I'm weird like that. Reminds me of poor Brian last week. It's just like what was happening to him when he tried to get it on. Yuck.

My cousin asked me to e-mail a gay porn actor friend of his for him coz his own puter died. That was kind of weird... It's funny to confirm they really exist, LOL. "My friend the porn star".

He wants him to visit him to hopefully go clubbing. Wish they'd invite me along.

Ok, back to another G/R (RPS hurts so good).


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