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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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Pet peeve
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Why can't people building stuff at your house throw things around more quietly? *bites nails* Loud, unexpected noises always put me in a very, very bad mood. It's funny, noises are never as annoying to the person who's making them.

I need an aspirin.

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I feel for you. We've had workmen at the office non-stop since March/April: first all the plumbing was redone (this involved tearing down long stretches of ceiling, plus a lot of banging) and now they're painting and laying on new flooring (which in turn involves a circular saw being run every five minutes, plus a LOT of banging, plus annoying mindless banter from one of the workmen, who's missing all the fingers in one hand which, while it doesn't impair his coffee-cup-holding ability, apparently is enough of a hindrance that he gets the other guy to do all the work).

my nerves are a little drawn, can you tell?

Oh, and at home they were re-doing the balcony and courtyard all summer, but that's mostly done. :D

that is so true!!the same thing happens to me all the time.ugh!!my upstair neighbor has been redecorating their apartment for almost one year!!!can you imagine?i've been suspecting if doing furniture is their living career!!!from monday to friday that's ok since i'm at work daytime,but weekends are horrible as hell!it's so disgusting!the only thing i can do is turn on my cd player louder and louder...not mention going out...shit!dont know when will be over.

well,like my mom said,if you couldnt change that,then why not try to enjoy or have fun? so i find out it seems i already used to this noise,chould i still survive without it? LOL

have a nice day.

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